Monday, March 10, 2014

Some Helpful Advice

Here he goes again. And this time, he has "helpful advice". Lordy help us all.

In November 2012, Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey (R-Reno) suggested Democratic legislators should be more "bipartisan" by simply accepting his G-O-TEA agenda. Less than a month later, Hickey attempted to drive wedges in Carson City, between Secretary of State Ross Miller (D) & Democratic Legislature leaders and between himself & Governor Brian Sandoval (R), by trying to tie SB 303 driver authorization cards to SB 63 election reform. Before the 77th session of the Nevada Legislature began, Pat Hickey was already setting himself up to be the #1 Nevada G-O-TEA partisan bomb thrower in Carson City.

But now, Pat Hickey wants everyone to know he's ready & able to help his Republican Party fix its little War on Women problem. No really, Pat Hickey took to Twitter to offer his fellow Republicans "helpful advice" on reaching out to women voters.

"GOP needs to learn how to talk to women. Need to know "what" they feel--but also, "why" they feel the way they do." [...]

"Tips for Republicans messaging to women: Validate. Show empathy. Use stories (example: about the failure of Obamacare). Find common ground."

Ah yes, Pat Hickey thinks Republicans should "show empathy". He should know. He did for fellow Assembly Republican Jim Wheeler (R-Minden) after he made his (now infamous) statement on slavery. But when it came to immigrant families trying to survive and students wanting a better education, Hickey showed anything but empathy.

And "validate"? What does Pat Hickey seek to validate? His true thoughts on "minority outreach"? G-O-TEA politicians' deep misunderstanding (and/or misleading) of Obamacare? Or G-O-TEA politicians' resolve to attack women's reproductive health care while neglecting pretty much everything that actually matters (and can actually help people)?

What else can we say about Pat Hickey's "helpful advice"? Perhaps this: It's not really helpful. If Republicans ever want to get serious about solving their "little issues" with non straight white Christian male voters, they know what they must do. If they want truly helpful advice, they know where to find it.

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