Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Horrors

Who knew he'd become such a spooky trendsetter? Nearly a month ago, Cresent Hardy set the national political scene on fire with his "segregation laws" comments. And now, we have G-O-TEA politicians across the nation echoing Hardy's eye-popping sentiments... And making us look for the nearest bed to hide under.

Don't believe us? Pay closer attention to what Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Ayn Rand Fan Club) has been saying lately. When he hasn't been singing the praises of child starvation (& plagiarism), he's been quoting a white supremacist and insinuating that "inner city" African-American men cause poverty. Clearly, Paul Ryan is doing a great job at G-O-TEA minority outreach (& fact checking)! (#snark)

But wait, there's more fright night realness where that came from. In case Paul Ryan's magnificent minority outreach isn't scary enough for you, check out what's been said this week on G-O-TEA H8 talk radio. On "American Family Radio" yesterday, a guest host called for the assassination of college faculty he disagrees with! And who said talk radio isn't educational?

Well, at least House G-O-TEA "leaders" aren't calling for assassination. Rather, they're just working on another anti-immigrant bill to send to the House floor. So does this constitute the "principles for immigration reform" that House Republican "leaders" claimed they would fight for? Another anti-immigrant bill meant to scuttle reform? Once again, House G-O-TEA "leaders" are scared of the 21st Century Know Nothings' shadows.

And speaking of scuttling reform, the Oregon Republican Party just rebuked its Young Republicans for daring to endorse marriage equality. After all, G-O-TEA spiritual leader Rush Limbaugh doesn't like those "icky gayzzzz" getting married, raising children, playing sports, serving in the military, holding down jobs, and/or buying stuff. And once again, we're reminded of the G-O-TEA's fear of the 21st century.

And while we're talking about spiritual leaders, another G-O-TEA spiritual leader had this to say about horror movies & demonic possession.

Sadly, this is what the Republican Party has come to. When its leaders are not endorsing crackpots, they're scaring us with their crack pipes. And really, they're just proving to everyone that they're immensely afraid of the wrath of their own crazed baze.

As we've said before, the frightening state of the Nevada Republican Party is anything but an isolated incident. And the horrors of "Republican rebranding" continue to haunt American politics everywhere.

And damn, we still have seven more months to go until it's Halloween!

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