Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Shade of It All

There's only so much crap we can take. Once we reach a certain point, we can't take any more. And once we reach that certain point, we have had it.

So we totally understood why Rep. Steven Horsford (D-Fierce) spilled his righteous indignation onto America's TV's earlier today. He had it. And he knew he needed to read to filth some shady @ss boogers.

So why the need for this read? House Shade-throwing Oversight Committee Chair Darrell Issa (R-@sshole) admitted that his scandalicious fishing expedition was reaching a "dead end". After all, "there is no there there".

Yet for some reason, Rep. Issa felt compelled to silence the ranking Democratic member of the committee when he dared to speak the truth that pretty much everyone knows.

How many times has Darrell Issa gone on purely political fishing expeditions? And how many times has he come up empty? Dude, give it up. There's clearly no there anywhere.

Unfortunately for all of America, Rep. Issa probably won't take our helpful advice. And why's that? He doesn't listen to us. Hell, he doesn't even listen to his own constituents. Rather, he serves the "TEA" tinged astroturf that sustains his vapid political career.

And this leads us back to Senator Harry Reid (D-Fierce) and his righteous indignation over the "Koch-topus" & its horrifying campaign of deceit. Since the Koch Brothers' dangerously radical agenda downright frightens most voters, they must resort to smoke & mirrors to hide it. And they hate that Senator Reid is fierce enough to reveal what's behind the Kochs' smoke & mirrors.

Surprise, there's nothing but shade! And the "TEA" we find there does not stand for truth... Far from it. No wonder why Senator Reid didn't wince as certain media pundits whined over his deeming "un-American" the Kochs' campaign of lies.

So now, we're coming full circle. And we return to Rep. Steven Horsford. In addition to calling out the G-O-TEA's scandalicious nothingburgers, he exposed the real scandal of the G-O-TEA's despicable obsession with repealing Obamacare (aka the Affordable Care Act). Yep, he's been on fire today.

But hey, who can blame him? After all, one needs light to expose the shade of it all.

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