Monday, March 24, 2014

Cutting Sophistry

Even though they've failed before, they're about to try, try again. But can they actually succeed this time? Or will over 2 million Americans (including over 26,000 Nevadans) continue to be left in the cold?

It's been nearly 3 months since the federal unemployment insurance (UI) extension lapsed. Since then, thousands of Nevada families have been enduring unnecessary hardship. And they, along with many more Americans throughout the nation, have been struggling to survive while the usual suspects on Capitol Hill fiddle around.

Earlier this month, the Senate reached a deal to #RenewUI. Yet as soon as the bipartisan backed Senate UI extension deal was announced, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Cointreau) quickly dismissed it. And last week, he pretty much declared any #RenewUI deal dead in his lower House of Congress.

But this week, Senators are moving forward with it anyway. And this time, even Senator Dean Heller (R) has urged Speaker Boehner to drop the excuses and cooperate with the Senate.

Will this bipartisan Senate pressure campaign work? First, we must wait & see how many votes the Senate deal will attain. Then, we must wait & see while the House works on...

Another G-O-TEA fantasy budget that not even House Republicans can agree on?! Really? Does he truly value Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-Hunger Games) austerity fetish over the plight of 2,000,000+ Americans? (And will Rep. Joe Heck [R-Backbencher] really go along with this?) Perhaps so.

After all, House Republican "leaders" are still engaging in their most cutting sophistry while they're cutting so many Americans out of the chance to rebuild their lives... Or even survive. It's certainly the most cutting sophistry we've ever encountered. And for far too many Americans, it's cutting them into so much unnecessary pain.

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