Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pat Hickey Just Spilled Carson City's Dirty Little Secret

How many times before have we looked at the depth to which this state's government has been controlled by what we've dubbed "the gaming-mining-lobbying industrial complex"? Well, now I don't feel so isolated and crazy any more. Someone right in the thick of it pretty much confirmed everything we've observed here. Believe it or not, none other than Assembly G-O-TEA Leader Pat Hickey (R-See Above) let it slip last night on Jon Ralston's show just after Governor Brian Sandoval's State of the State speech.

(H/T to ProgressNow Nevada for catching this.)

What's truly depressing about this is that it's not even shocking any more. No really, who's surprised by this? Only those who've been sticking their heads in the sand may be.

Still, we can't tolerate this any longer. This is perhaps the chief reason why Nevada Government is so dysfunctional. When government is so disconnected from the needs of its own people, it just can't function. And at this point, corporate lobbyists have so much power that it's become far too easy for Carson City to ignore the needs of the 99%.

This is simply unsustainable. And again, something must change. This constant culture of corruption has prevented Nevada from implementing the kind of tax reform necessary to properly fund our public infrastructure, invest in our people, and build a sound economic future. Nevada's ONLY hope for a brighter future lies in breaking free of this culture of corruption and reexamining the rather shaky economic foundation of this state. But alas, that requires turning away from the powers that be in the gaming-mining-lobbying industrial complex.

When can that happen? Who's ready to change?


  1. We had Ross Miller at North Valley Dems tonight. We are going to advocate for passage of the Aurora Bill which will help push for greater disclosure.

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