Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Why #Up4Climate?

It's not everyday when we see a bunch of US Senators staying up all night. In the US Capitol. Giving speeches. However, that's what we saw last night on Capitol Hill.

Why? Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) explained quite well last night. Something's happening. It's called climate change, and we ignore it at our own peril.

On the other hand, there are plenty of opportunities ahead if we simply invest in our cleaner & greener renewable energy future. Even as fossil fuels become costlier to extract and use, renewables are more affordable and within reach than ever before. So why wait any longer to transition to a cleaner future?

We've seen firsthand the dangers of waiting. That's why Senate Environment & Public Works Committee Chair Barbara Boxer (D-California) urged her colleagues on Capitol Hill to stop waiting and start acting.

Contrary to the claims of some G-O-TEA politicians, climate change presents a clear & present danger... If we don't act soon. But that's just it: We can act soon. We can start now, and we can start with some very simple steps, like investing in cleaner energy & better utilizing the energy we already have.

This is why Senator Martin Heinrich (D-New Mexico) spoke up last night. He urged his colleagues to stop debating known science and start working on real solutions.

While President Obama has already taken some executive action, it's not enough. Congress must become a partner in action if we're serious about taking climate change head on. That's why these Senators stayed #Up4Climate last night. And that's why this shouldn't be the end of it.

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