Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dead Horse

We're not trying to beat a dead horse. We swear. Take a closer look. We're not beating it. We're just calling attention to it.

So where's the horse? Look here.

And yes, don't bother there. Even as national media figures sing the praises of Governor Brian Sandoval (R), he continues to face trouble at home. And he can thank his party's own "TEA" powered base for that.

And that's not all. The "TEA" is also spilling into #NVLeg (again). Just as State Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson (R-Henderson) was hoping to showcase his favored 2014 candidates, the G-O-TEA base struck back. And it did so in a brutal manner.

But then again, we were never actually surprised by any of this. In fact, we've been saying this for some time: Don't believe all the hype surrounding "Republican rebranding". Jeez, even the Republican National Committee has admitted its "rebranding" has been nothing but a big fat #FAIL.

But of course, it's also claiming this doesn't matter one bit. And why's that? Oh, 2014 is supposed to be a great red "TSUNAMI!!!" (Never mind that there's no real evidence suggesting this.)

Again, we saw this coming. Even as national party "leaders" have been begging for change, G-O-TEA politicians have instead allowed the 21st Century Know Nothings to take control of the party. And not only have they taken control of the party, but they've also forced the party to continue fighting a "Culture War" that everyone else realizes it lost long ago.

We saw this coming. And now, everyone can see this on full display. Even she sees it now. (And of course she does, because she loves being in charge!)

We're not trying to beat a dead horse. We're just pointing out the usual suspects who are beating that dead horse... And hoping you don't notice them doing so.

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