Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Real "Joe Heck Scandal"

As of late, G-O-TEA politicians have been very eager to investigate phony nonexistent baseless bullshit "OBAMA SCANDALZZZZ!!!111111!!!!" And few have been as eager to waste time on investigate them as Rep. Joe Heck (R-Benghazi). Whenever asked, he's rejoiced responded that he's completely ready & able to investigate all these "scandals" to death.

Suffice it to say, this week offers an interesting turn of events for Rep. Heck. And why is that? Oh, some media personalities are now chortling over the new scandal involving Heck's campaign manager and the scene he created at a UNLV v. UNR basketball game in Reno.

Yet even as this scandal is cooking, some pundits continue to whisper about Heck's political future. Will he or won't he? Should he or shouldn't he?

With all this media buzz surrounding Heck's political team and political career, we can understand why some forget that he's still a sitting Member of Congress who's supposed to make critical decisions on a number of important policies. And with all the crazy that's come to define the 113th Congress, we can understand why many find it hard to believe that Congress makes any critical decisions on any important policies. Nonetheless, some important decisions seem to be flying under the radar.

One just happens to be the extension of unemployment insurance (UI). Since the federal UI extension lapsed in January, just over 26,000 Nevadans & 2,000,000 Americans have lost UI. And that means these families have lost a critical lifeline for survival. In the Senate, both Harry Reid (D) & Dean Heller (R) have been trying to round up 60 votes to pass UI extension in that chamber. And in the House, Reps. Dina Titus (D-Paradise) & Steven Horsford (D-North Las Vegas) have both made #RenewUI a key priority.

Yet when we check @RepJoeHeck...

While Rep. Heck has been touting an education & workforce hearing he's bringing to Las Vegas next week, he's been supporting the very austerity regime that's hurt higher education in Nevada and elsewhere. And even as he's occasionally noted the economic struggles that remain in Southern Nevada, he's yet to offer any meaningful action. But now that House Democratic leaders are planning to start a discharge petition to #RenewUI, Rep. Heck now has a chance to match his words with concrete action.

So will he choose to act? Or will he choose more of the same austerity that's hindering economic growth? Believe it or not, this is the real scandal. The unnecessary suffering of all these American families, the unnecessary hit our economy is taking thanks to this newest "austerity bomb", is far more scandalous than any haute faux "OBAMA SCANDAL!!!" or idle 2016 speculation or UNR altercation.

So does Rep. Heck really want to raise all the fake scandals with a real one? Or can he recognize that it's long past time to #RenewUI?


  1. Thank you for story. I AGREE Heck needs to fight like Heller did. Speak up n fight fot it.

  2. There is reason to believe Heck is a pedophile.