Monday, November 28, 2011

Breaking My Silence on NV-01

In case you missed the big news this morning, nationally respected polling firm Anzalone-Liszt released a new NV-01 poll showing Dina Titus with a substantial 75% to 18% lead over Ruben Kihuen in the Democratic primary (that will likely determine the general election winner there). And while the media pundits will want to focus on the horse race aspect of the race, I think there's an even bigger story behind the top lines of this poll.

For one, there's no real "racial gap" among Democratic voters here. Instead, Dina leads with over 60% of the vote and by greater than 2-1 margins across all ethnic groups. Latino voters approve of what Dina did in the previous Congress, and so far they're not falling into the GOP trap of race baiting that Republicans want this primary to be about.

What's also fascinating is the lack of a "geographic gap" in the new NV-01. In both the current areas of the district and the former parts of NV-03 (that Dina Titus represented in 2009 and 2010) being added to the new NV-01, Dina leads with over 70% of the vote. For all the supposed controversy over where Dina lives, Democrats across the district know and love her.

So considering the big news today, perhaps I should break my silence here. Frankly, I'm getting awfully sick and tired of all the ridiculous accusations and over-the-top personal attacks that have defined this race so far. While I don't believe Ruben Kihuen is ignorant, inexperienced, lazy, or unprepared, I also don't believe Dina Titus is racist, "elitist", conservative (HA!), emasculating, or stealing (anything her detractors always falsely accuse her of).

We all know Dina Titus' record. Where is the "racism"? Where is the "elitism"? And where is the conservative?

So why even go there? I know Ruben is smart and determined. And I know Dina cares about all her constituents. And I know both can make an honest case for progressives' votes.

With that being said, I just hope that no one gives Nevada Republicans the holiday gift they want the most, which would be a progressive base destroyed because of ridiculous NV-01 infighting. Please, just let them keep destroying their own (lack of) operation. Please, NV-01 folks, don't toss any "get out of jail free" cards to Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Dean Heller, and/or Joe Heck.

So far, it looks like Democratic primary voters aren't falling for the radical right's "divide and conquer" strategy. Let's keep it that way. Whether the NV-01 winner is Titus or Kihuen, we can't allow for the G-O-TEA to take everything else here in Nevada.

OK. I'm glad to get that off my chest. That's all, folks (at least for now).


  1. Who called Dina Titus racist? When I Google, the only thing that comes up is your blog.

    I've also am not aware anyone called her elitist or conservative. Just that she has played to her conservative base in District 3, a fact no one will deny.

  2. What is Dina Titus' position on the super committee? I am looking for an on the record answer and can't find one anywhere!

  3. Mae-

    Watch the above video. She mentioned it in her speech.


    There have been some ugly accusations on the social networks and whisper campaigns behind the scenes. In particular, I remember what happened when Ralston tweeted a sentence out of context from an answer Dina gave at the press conference announcing her NV-01 run.

    And I've yet to see her "conservative" base. I suspect both the Blue Dogs and Republicans who have been trying to end her political career in the last six years would find this to be a big surprise.

  4. thanks guys! i'm new to las vegas but i think so far i'm going to vote for ruben.

  5. No one ever called Dr. Titus 'racist' she answered a question to reporters and it is what we, the public saw. The comment made it sound as though she was undermining the Latino vote. Please don't make this worse then it is. Yes many of us support Senator Kihuen but that does mean that we are saying Dr. Titus is racist. Also about the 'conservative' comments they were brought up because according to insiders Dr.Titus was hesitant to support President Obama's healthcare plan. I understand its frustrating to be in this situation but by saying that she is being called racist when she never has been called that is a little uncomfy. I think that we are seeing a changing face to congress and Senator Kihuen fits what Nevada needs for the time. We each have a time in the sun and we must make the most of it when we have it.