Sunday, November 6, 2011

Surprise? GOP Fumbles Advantage?

Who could have guessed this?

The party was finally getting professional, the GOP prospects to win the presidential and U.S. Senate races here were looking good and they believed the redistricting court fight was going their way. [...]

But now, a year from the election, the Republicans have shown signs of bumbling at the top, their Senate candidate has made an uncharacteristically undisciplined (and potentially costly) error and the Democrats now have a reason to see blue — in a good way — because of final redistricting maps.

It’s advantage, Democrats, again in Nevada, — and the feeling is eerily similar to one year out from the 2010 election, when Harry Reid was a dead man walking, only to be reanimated by an electrifying Democratic machine and shocking GOP ineptitude. Both elements seem to be there again as the Republicans seemed to have forgotten to read their Santayana.

Who could have guessed?

Who could have guessed?

Who could have guessed?

Out here in the real world, we've been seeing this at play. I guess all the fumbling at the top is now getting the pundits' attention. The Nevada Republican Party has been making a big deal out of this caucus and its supposed potential to turn Nevada Red again.

But really, what can a day of dropping paper in a box do for them? They don't seem to be organizing. They don't seem to want newcomers. And they don't want anything that strays from teabagger approved ideological purity.

So we're supposed to believe they have what it takes to flip Nevada Red? Really? And we're supposed to be surprised when we start seeing signs that they can't?

I'll be surprised when I hear media pundits express shock when Jon Ralston tries to tell them this, even though I shouldn't.

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