Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Look at Who's Getting Awarded Now!

This is an outrage, I tell you! If this hack can get an award, who can't?

We at Clark County Dems have an abundance of dedicated Democratic volunteers and for that we are thankful. In addition to being dedicated, Andrew Davey brings that little something extra to the table. Put simply, Andrew is one of the brightest political minds in Nevada. His grasp of the issues and ability to boil them down and explain how they affect not only individual districts , but, constituency groups as well, has made him invaluable to Clubs such as Stonewall and Henderson Dems.

Unlike paid consultants and staffers, Andrew also has the ability to hear and understand what the grassroots are saying, thus his uncanny ability to predict political outcomes often in exact opposition to the aforementioned. He translates this all in his blogging for the Nevada Progressive which is often picked by such major Progressive blogs such as Daily Kos. Andrew, or “Nerdrock” as his closest friends call him, is truly a great representative for not only the Democrat party in Clark County, he is a leader in Progressive thought and analysis in Nevada. That is why he is our choice for CCDP All-Star of the Week!

I'm telling you, that "Democrat Party" has hit the bottom of the barrel. If low-life scum like Andrew Davey get "awarded", there's really no hope left for our state or our country.

(Obviously, this is snark... Except that I am shocked that some low-life like moi-self can get an award like this! I very much thank the Clark County Democratic Party for this recognition... Even if I typically eschew recognition, and even if I am often "politically incorrect" in aiming to tell it like it is.) ;-)

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