Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Future's Still Waiting for Us

This week, the City of Henderson is hosting the Global Solar Summit. Why?

Bob Cooper, the city’s economic development manager, said the conference, the first of its kind in Nevada, is dedicated to getting leading companies in solar energy development to think of the valley as a frontier for the solar economy. He said currently there are no solar panel makers in the valley but that there is a potential for jobs in manufacturing and construction.

“We’re looking to help local businesses to secure new contracts and start initial conversations with panel manufacturers,” Cooper said.

Why, again?

Johnathan Pickering, president of JA Solar, the largest solar cell supplier in the world, said the combination of a growing solar industry and the steep decline in the price of a solar panel makes it an optimal time to invest in solar energy. Las Vegas, he said, gets twice the amount of sun hours as Germany, which is the center of solar energy production in Europe.

He extended an open invitation to Nevada.

“We’re open for business and we want to partner with you,” Pickering said.

Why, again?

Oh yes, that's why.

There are good jobs and a more stable economy awaiting us. Instead of wasting even more money on bailouts for dirty energy, we can invest in our future by investing in renewable energy and the green economy. Renewable resources like solar are increasingly in demand, and the Obama Administration just opened another 285,000 acres of public land for solar development. So what are we waiting for?

Really, why are we waiting? The future won't wait for us forever.

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