Thursday, November 3, 2011

NV-03: The Other Primary Coming... James Haning Speaks Out

Last week, we discussed the surprising news about an unknown Democrat filing in NV-03. While everyone else today is talking about that other primary fight brewing, I have an interesting update on James Haning. I actually had a chance to speak with him on the phone yesterday, and he wanted to respond to the controversy developing over his entry into the race.

I asked him about health care, and Haning responded that he generally supports the Affordable Care Act. He just wants to see changes in the tax provisions, as he said he wants to ensure small businesses aren't penalized. Yet when I asked him whether he supports changes in the exchange, specifically in allowing for a public option, he declined to endorse inclusion of a public option.

I also asked him about the Deficit Super-committee and the current proposals on their table. Haning responded that he doesn't support any of the proposals currently on the table. He says he wants to find waste in government, such as empty federally owned buildings, to cut. He also said he's open to reforming the payroll tax to include annual income over $100,000. However, he's apparently not open to any benefit cuts for seniors and disabled people on Social Security and Medicare.

Later, Haning and I discussed the current controversy over home foreclosures. He stressed that he disagreed with Mitt Romney's suggestion to "don't stop the foreclosure process". Rather, he directed me to his housing issues page and the policy prescription he offers there. He also supports Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto's criminal investigation of Bank of America and its home loan practices.

I then asked Haning about his views on immigration. He said he supports comprehensive immigration reform. And while he said he'd be open to a pathway to legal citizenship for currently undocumented workers, he wouldn't flat out endorse one. He also wouldn't endorse Arizona's SB 1070 or the other state level anti-immigrant statutes. He also wouldn't specifically endorse the Uniting American Families Act, stating that repealing DOMA and would allow for LGBTQ equality in our immigration policy.

(And for the record, Haning stressed that he supports full LGBTQ equality. He did specifically endorse ENDA and the Respect for Marriage Act.)

Haning also stated he is a registered Nevada voter and mostly long time Nevada resident, even though I've talked with people who have yet to find his Nevada voter registration. Haning nonetheless insisted he lives in NV-03.

And yes, he indeed plans to run in NV-03... Against John Oceguera, though he stressed he's focused on defeating Joe Heck. We'll have to wait and see what's in store in NV-03. But without a doubt, the race here is getting more interesting.

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  1. Well given Oceguera's record and a lack of none of the above in federal races Haning may be the only protest vote.