Friday, November 11, 2011

NV-04: Delusions of Grandeur

Republicans apparently "see opportunity" in the new 4th Congressional District, and the Republican who sees the most opportunity is none other than Barbara Cegavske. And believe it or not, Nevada Republicans are now touting her newborn campaign as their magic elixir to turn NV-04 Red.

Really? Really?

Let's start with what Cegavske is offering:

“I am running for Congress because I believe we can fix the serious problems facing Nevada and our country,” Cegavske said. “Our state leads the nation in unemployment and foreclosures and for far too long Washington politicians have been out of touch. Nevada voters have my word that I will work every day to get government out of the business of punishing our job creators and in the business of protecting and preserving Social Security and Medicare for our seniors.”

Really? Is she serious? What has Barbara Cegavske ever done in Carson City to help solve Nevada's problems? Has she done anything other than vote "NO" on any and every policy legislation offered by a Democrat? Hell, she even voted against REPUBLICAN Governor Kenny Guinn's budget!

And what on earth is she talking about when she says she wants to "protect and preserve Social Security and Medicare"? Why won't she tell her fellow Republicans to do that? So does Barbara Cegavske agree with President Obama?

And not Sharron Angle?

Or Joe Heck?

Now this is news! Barbara Cegavske is now trying moderation for a change?

Not so fast. Look at her legislative record. Does she really think she can pull a fast one on us? Does she really think NV-04 constituents will quickly forget her record? I know most of her old Senate district is not in the new Congressional District (for the record, she doesn't even live there herself), but it's not as if voters in NV-04 don't know about this thing called "Teh Googlez".

Apparently, Republicans are deluding themselves into thinking their amazing "caucus organization" will work to their advantage. I'm not really seeing it. Just look at the NV-04 numbers. And look at where the energy is.

I honestly believe this is why Cegavske is already attempting an "extreme makeover" of her own public image by firing the opening shot of her campaign in such a "moderate" fashion. Deep down, even she knows the G-O-TEA brand has next to no street cred here. That's why it will be fun to watch Cegavske maneuver like a contortionist to make any sort of headway in NV-04.

Let the games begin.

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