Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Nevada GOP FAIL: It's Not "First" in Anything

Remember when RNC leaders promised the Nevada GOP that they can keep their "First in the West" status AND rejoin the "Cool Kids Club" of early primary states in 2016 if it just gave up that January caucus? Well, that promise looks set to be broken before the 2012 cycle ends... Or even technically begins!

“Although Colorado doesn’t seem like the West, it is the West,” Nevada Republican National Committeewoman Heidi Smith told the Sun last month at a meeting of the Nevada GOP. “The problem was Colorado too ... they did damage to us.” [...]

The crisis was caused by Florida’s unsanctioned scheduling its primary for Jan. 31. Nevada rescheduled to early January to keep its place in line but encroached on New Hampshire’s date. So after weeks of pressure from everyone from the New Hampshire secretary of state to the Republican presidential candidates, the state GOP voted to retreat to Feb. 4, with assurances that next time the party picks a presidential nominee the state will get special treatment.

Nevada had to choose that date because Colorado was advancing, moving its caucuses from March 6 to Feb. 7.

For Nevada, that’s problematic. Though the dates for the 2012 primaries and caucuses seem to be set, it’s clear that Colorado is eyeing Nevada’s “first in the West” mantle. And there’s no guarantee the Silver State will keep it in future cycles — even for playing nice this time.

“We did not get a specific quid pro quo. What we got was a whole lot of goodwill that is going to go a long way,” Nevada Republican National Committeeman Bob List said of the state’s agreeing to move to a later date. “What we earned was a great deal of respect and admiration for doing the right thing.”

And apparently because the RNC doesn't really believe all the big talk about Nevada turning Red next year, it may strip us of "First in the West" status to instead bestow that crown upon Colorado in a last ditch effort to keep that state competitive in future cycles, since even Colorado looks to be slipping away from them.

So why again did the Nevada GOP cave into New Hampshire's demands, especially when we weren't the ones who caused the problem in the first place? (Remember, it was Florida jumping the calendar... Again.) Now they just look like chumps, and Nevada looks foolish. It looks like the RNC really doesn't care about Nevada's "special status".

So in the end, Ralston was right. The Nevada GOP got screwed, and it's getting nothing in return.

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