Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Survey Sez: Nevadans More Accepting of LGBT Civil Rights

According to Columbia University, there's been major movement nationwide on public opinion of LGBT civil rights. Throughout the nation, more and more Americans in more and more states now favor full civil marriage rights, anti-discrimination protections, same-sex family adoptions, and domestic partner health benefits. And you know what the really great news is? Even our own Silver State is finally coming into the 21st Century!

Support in Nevada for:

- 2nd parent adoption is 48%

- hate crimes protection is 73%

- domestic partner health benefits is 63%

- anti-discrimination protection for housing is 78%

- anti-discrimination protection for jobs is 65%

- civil unions (aka domestic partnerships [DPs]) is 55%

- full civil marriage equality is 46%

Yes, Nevada has really come a long way. We finally got DPs passed this year, along with some stronger anti-discrimination laws. However, those laws still don't cover transgender Nevadans. A number of public and private employers still don't offer full DP benefits. And yes, we still don't yet have full civil marriage rights.

Obviously, we still have plenty of work to do. It's at least heartening to see public opinion move in the right direction. I just wonder how Jimmy "LuvGuv" Gibbons and Johnny "Casino" Ensign can look at these numbers and think they're truly representing Nevada by being such big homophobes.

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