Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So This Health Care Reform Is "Anti-Business"?

Viola! Who knew that Colorado Congressman Jared Polis' (CO-02) would have the answer? I found the reason behind Dina Titus' vote at his web site! I also spoke with someone close to "Team Titus" last night who seemed to confirm this. Dina signed onto this letter opposing the "millionaires' surtax" that would tax income above $1 million at 45%.

Wait... Huh?! Oh, but they're claiming that "this will hurt small businesses". Oh jeez, how many small business owners are really in this top bracket of very high-income earners?

And really, look at our past and notice how we had similar "millionaires' surtaxes" that worked. Why shouldn't they pay their fair share? And why shouldn't those proceeds go toward universal health care?

I can understand that otherwise good Congresscritters like Jared Polis and Dina Titus don't want to cause any more pain to small businesses. But come on, it doesn't help small businesses that they pay so much in health care costs! Meanwhile, 96% of small businesses will see no new taxes under this proposal.

So hopefully, someone can explain this to Polis and Titus. They say they support universal health care. So how do we pay for it? Why not tax the very highest income earners to help pay for it? It's not really "anti-business".

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