Thursday, July 9, 2009

Good Question: Where's OFA When We Need Them?

Piggybacking off Harold Meyerson's piece yesterday on The Obama Administration's reluctance to tap into Organizing for America (formerly the Obama Campaign) to lobby for universal health care, The Sun talks about it some more.

Some liberals thought Obama’s machine would do more than deliver victory. They hoped it would change governing — mobilizing grass-roots activism to force big change on Washington, meaning universal health care and a move toward a carbon-free future.

Nevada Democrats were especially hopeful. In a state with little history of political or civic activism, Democrats registered voters and got them to the polls in record numbers. These new activists pledged to continue the momentum and shift power from special interests such as the gaming industry to average people.

The reality is much more complicated.

Take the current battle over health care reform, which is in a crucial stage on Capitol Hill.

Advocates of reform are wondering if and when Obama is going to mobilize his citizen army.

Health care is supposed to be one of President Obama's top priorities. Why shouldn't he ask supporters to ask Congress to take real action? Even Harry Reid is stepping up and taking some leadership in the Senate. So why shouldn't Obama take advantage of something very powerful that he spent two years building up?

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