Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Poem in Ensign's Honor

Mr. Tea Room challenged me, so I couldn't help myself. I tried my hand at some free verse (with a little rhyme thrown in).

Sure, I apologized
But I'm still mesmerized
By that other lady
Yeah, I know I'm so shady
I'm such a dirty sinner
Yet my lust will still simmer
Me and my slick silver mane
Can just never be tame

OK, I know it's lame. But you know what's also lame? John Ensign's excuses.

And to think, that jerk doesn't think I or any other queer American should have the right to civil marriage. Now that's really lame! At least all the gay married couples I know never toss out the "sanctity" of their marriages like he did.

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