Thursday, July 23, 2009

NV-03: Maybe Dina Is Finally Seeing the Light?

There's still hope, I guess. H/T to Desert Beacon for pointing out The Sun's piece on "Dina's Folly" where she said that she may now support a modified "millionaire's tax" that would only levy a surtax on incomes of over $1 million per year, and that she may even vote for the final bill if the current tax structure is still left in place. It's progress, and it's obviously a sign that our pressure on Dina Titus is working.

Keep calling (202) 225-3252 and ask the staffers to tell Dina that we elected her to office last year on the promise that she would deliver on health care reform. And if they're still not giving good enough answers, keep leaving messages on her email contact form. Let's flood her office with our messages until we know for sure that she will vote for a bill with a strong public option, real regulatory reform that will help consumers, and a sane & sensible way to finance all of this.

I haven't lost hope on her. I know deep down, she wants to do the right thing. She just needs to stop listening to the "political advisers" telling her to be Republican-lite and remember who sent her to Congress in the first place.

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