Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NV-03: There's Something (Wrong) About Dina

First, it was the comments about "deficit spending". And now, we have a vote against the health care bill in committee. (The Sun) What's happened to the Dina Titus we knew and loved? What should we expect next?

When we sent Dina to Congress, we expected her to fight for us, not the HMO lobbyists. And really, the "deficit" excuse doesn't cut it when so many Nevada families are suffering. We need quality, affordable health care now, not "Hoover-nomics".

Whichever political consultant told Dina Titus to say no to the needs of working families needs to be fired ASAP. If NV-03 residents wanted a Republican, we would have just sent Jon Porter back to Congress for another term.

Still, I have hope we can convince Dina Titus to do the right thing and back universal health care with a strong public option. We need more health care choices, not fewer. I thought our Congressperson got that. I guess we need to call her office and give her a gentle reminder who she works for.

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