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Crazy Fun Video Night: Look, Mom, I Found Real Food!

Thanks, Epicurious!

Sharrontology & Choice: She Wants You to Have None

I hinted at this yesterday, but let's take another look at just what Sharrontology Obtuse Angle believes on women's reproductive health.

There's anti-abortion, and then there's Nevada Senatorial candidate Sharron Angle: "Angle’s hard line on abortion in cases of rape and incest is even more terrifying. When asked by conservative radio talk host Bill Manders whether she would support banning abortion even in cases of rape or incest Angle said there was no acceptable reason for an abortion because "God has a plan." Manders: Is there any reason at all for an abortion?
Angle: Not in my book.
Manders: So, in other words, rape and incest would not be something?
Angle: You know, I’m a Christian and I believe that God has a plan and a purpose for each one of our lives and that he can intercede in all kinds of situations and we need to have a little faith in many things." [Bill Manders Show, link/source]

It's a bit confusing just how the Almighty is supposed to "intercede" in this situation - prevent the rape? prevent the incest? Is the rape or incest victim simply to follow the Victorian honeymoon advice and "close her eyes and think of England?"

Good question, DB. Let's see if Jon Ralston asks her this tonight after all her weeks spent ditching the press.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Crazy Fun Video Night: Bad Date Night Food

What sounds worse? This...

@BoricuaALaMode – If you think Cheesecake Factory is fine dining #yournotmytype

Or this?

Are you cringing in horror yet? ;-)

No "Tea Party Nation" Convention Until October...

Hmmm, I wonder why.

A planned "unity" convention for tea partiers is being pushed to the fall, with organizers scrapping a major gathering with just 19 days before it was scheduled to go off. They cited heat and not being professional event planners, but the abrupt change in plans without a new date firmed up doesn't bode well for the fledgling group. [...]

"We were so excited about the tremendous success of the first convention, we jumped into this second convention without considering the timing. The heat in Las Vegas in July is keeping many who would like to participate from attending," organizers wrote. "We have also received numerous emails from people who were forced to decide between family vacations and attending the convention."

As TPM has documented, Tea Party Nation has had plenty of growing pains, including problems with top Congressional speakers pulling out of their first convention in Nashville.

Or could it be?

The change could give tea party favorite Sharron Angle, the original keynote speaker for the convention, a much needed spotlight on the eve of the general election.

But the delay also protects her from a national stage at the critical time she is under-going her general election metamorphosis. Angle has spent the past several weeks mostly avoiding mainstream media outlets, granting interviews to only conservative talk show hosts.

I guess we can now see why the teabaggers are so afraid of putting Queen Sharrontology on the national spotlight. She wants to re-ban alcohol (!!!). She loves Wall Street fat cats and hates middle class families. She hates Nevadans who have been hurt by the rough economy and need unemployment aid. She hates women who are forced to make difficult reproductive health care decisions, as she even opposes abortion in the cases of rape and incest (!!!). Oh, and did I mention she trashes seniors on Social Security as just more "welfare" cases?

And remember, we're just scratching the surface of the pure batsh*t crazy of Sharrontology. And more and more Republicans, like Barbara Vucanovich, are running away from Sharrontology as fast as they can. No wonder why the teabaggers are running scared...

Convention Time!

Moi w/ my favorite Senator @HarryReid #NVDems #p2 #fb on Twitpic

Whoa! Talk about #face2face, @RalstonFlash asking @HarryReid ... on Twitpic

Moi w/ #EllenSpiegel, my fave Assembly Member, @ #NVDems conv... on Twitpic

So on Saturday, we had a convention. Apparently, it attracted quite a bit of attention... Or at least the first half did.

We started off with a speech from Rory Reid on education, jobs, and Nevada's future. He also had some good lines on Brian Sandoval. When we think about it, he really is Jim Gibbons in a better suit.

We also heard some more of the statewide candidates speak. Kate Marshall raised the roof with her speech on job creation. Ross Miller spoke well on Democrats' commitment to social justice and how there's nothing wrong with Nevada we can't solve with what's right about our state.

And then, it was onto the Congressional candidates. Nancy Price spoke about the challenges she faced in her NV-02 race, but also how she's not making excuses and she's not giving up. Shelley Berkley said our state would be out of its collective mind if we were to get rid of Harry Reid. And of course, Dina Titus reminded us just how high the stakes are in this election.

Oh, and did I mention Harry Reid was there?

Oh, and there were plenty of fun and games going on at the convention! OK, so I didn't get elected to E-Board... Whatever. There were good people who won, and who I'm sure will do great things for the party. But oh my, was that a long election or what! We had three rounds of voting, at least four recounts, and dozens of exhausted delegates before we finally got all our eight E-Board members.

And yes, I was elected Nevada State Stonewall Secretary earlier in the morning. So hey, I didn't leave empty handed!

I was also able to catch up with many friends. My favorite Assembly Member, Ellen Spiegel, dropped by to remind us about the importance of state legislature elections this fall. Progress Now Nevada was there to remind us of all the important work they're up to. All of the area Democratic Clubs provided quite the presence there. I was amazed to discover how many friends I actually ran into on Saturday!

And before I go, let's talk about the party platform. Since the platform is supposed to state what the party stands for, it's a pretty important thing. And overall, there wasn't too much controversy to talk about. There was just a bit of a floor fight over inserting medical marijuana into the health care section (it passed), and over the immigration provision (we ended up with a pretty strong section opposing Arizona SB 1070 and similar discriminatory measures).

OK, I think I covered most of the important stuff. If you want to read more about what happened at the convention, read my most recent Twitter updates. I also have even more pictures from the convention up on my Twitpic. All in all, I had a great time, I feel like we accomplished some good things, and I'm feeling all fired up and ready to go for November! :-)

One last sweet farewell to @Sue_Lowden, H/T @ProgressNowNV :-... on Twitpic

@RoryJReid now speaking @ #NVDems convention, firing up crowd... on Twitpic

Scene @ #NVDems, waiting 4 @HarryReid again :-) #p2 #fb on Twitpic

#NVDems crowd in front looks lively to me :-) #nvpolitics #p2... on Twitpic

"You can cut w/ an ax, but you cant build... I'm asking you t... on Twitpic

Friday, June 25, 2010

If You're Also an NSDP Delegate, I'd Really Appreciate Your Support. Thanks!

In case you also happen to be an NSDP Delegate attending the Nevada State Democratic Convention tomorrow, I hope you'll consider voting for me for Executive Board Member-at-Large (from Clark County). I'd really appreciate your support. Thanks! :-)

Dear Friends & Fellow Activists,

My name is Andrew Davey, and I am running for NSDP Executive Board Member-at-Large... And here’s why.

I may still be fairly new to Nevada, but I’m not new to progressive activism. Since I first involved with the Democratic Party back in 2005, when I joined my college’s Dem Club, I have been dedicated to growing this party, helping our candidates win, and fighting for what we and our party believe in. And ever since my first fiercely contested Congressional Campaign in 2006, I’ve learned how to build good relationships and how to organize. And ever since then as I’ve worked more on my advocacy for LGBTQ equality, health care for all, and sound environmental policy, I’ve learned how to work with our elected officials to promote strong progressive values.

Since moving to Southern Nevada last summer, I have jumped directly into “fighting the good fight” here. I currently serve as Secretary & Political Director for the Stonewall Democratic Club of Southern Nevada, and I have gotten my jump start on volunteering for local Democrats in my neighborhood. I want to continue to get involved, work in my local community, and get more and better Democrats elected here in Nevada. This is why I want to be your E-Board Member-at-Large.

Ever since getting to work for Stonewall last summer, I’ve had some “on the job training” and have quickly learned how to be effective here. I want to take the same lessons I’ve learned there and with my other advocacy projects here, and apply them to this position so I can do my best to serve the Nevada State Democratic Party and keep us winning in 2010, 2012, and beyond.

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope I can count on your support this weekend

- Andrew Davey
Proud Nevada Democrat

Crazy Fun Video Weekend: More FIN-tastic Semi-Horrible Sh*t...

Can I just tell you? This is so FIN-tastic! These suuupppr smmmpple russippeeez are very "Semi-Homemade", and they'll make your life so E-Z & FIN-tastic!

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Sharrontology Likes Her Some Pure Homophobic Bigotry

Oh, it keeps getting uglier for Sharrontology Obtuse Angle. Desert Beacon found yet another endorsement that Sharrontology doesn't want us to know about. Phillis Schlafly's Eagle Forum gave Obtuse Angle their stamp of approval, as she agrees with them on the "evils" of women in the workplace, legal protection for women escaping abusive relationships, "homosexual perversion", and legal challenges to hedge fund creators' "patent rights" (HUH??!!).

But wait, it gets weirder... And nastier. The Independent American Party (IAP), Sharrontology's political home base during most of the 1990s, was involved in one of the ugliest and most homophobic campaigns in Nevada's history... And Sharrontology was right there with them on it!

1994 IAP 16 Page Newspaper Insert

In 1994, the party attracted considerable controversy by placing a 16-page advertising insert in Nevada newspapers promoting an amendment to the state constitution that would explicitly permit discrimination against LGBT people by businesses and government.

Janine Hansen, the current executive director of the party and the editor of the '94 insert, told TPM earlier this month that "in general [Angle] agreed with our position on the issues." [emphasis mine]

The ad insert, which approvingly cites an 1814 legal treatise titled "Consequences of Sodomy: Ruin of a Nation," is a digest of articles that refer to LGBT people alternately as "homosexuals," "sodomites," and "brazen perverts." The insert includes virtually every homophobic myth ever conceived.

Sample headlines include: "Homosexual Curriculum In The First Grade" ... "Flawed Science Nurtures Genetic Origin For Homosexuality" ... "No Constitutional Right To Be A Sodomite." Here's a passage from an item headlined "True Homosexual Character Revealed":

"Homosexuals argue that they are a peaceful and gay people. Yet ... Dr. Paul Cameron of the Family Research Report writes 'the top six U.S. male killers were all homosexuals.'"

Probably the coup de grace of the insert is the article "Can the HIV Virus Survive in Water?". Writer Lorraine Day, M.D., concluded that yes, the virus can survive in the water. Citing medical journal articles, she raised the specter of HIV infection through public pools, hot tubs, and municipal water supplies.

So did you get that? Sharrontology Obtuse Angle was a leading figure in the IAP when they decided to openly campaign to legalize all wrongful discrimination against LGBTQ Nevadans! She was in the position to tell them to stop the disgusting campaign of pure hatred, but instead she quietly gave them the blessing to proceed in demonizing Nevada's LGBTQ families.

Is there any reason for any queer Nevadan with any sort of dignity and self-respect to support Sharrontology?

Food Rant: Thankfully, Some Things Never Change

After crying so hard when learning about the news of Fleur de Lys closing to make room for a "new tapas/small plate concept", I was a little frustrated. WTF is going on here?

Well, I felt much better after reading of Mr. ELV still enjoying nearby Aureole. As y'all know by now, I LOVE me my Aureole! And love affair only strengthened during Vegas Uncork'd last month. Aureole has really earned my respect the hard way, by serving great food in a great atmosphere with great service.

I can hardly wait to return to Aureole this summer to taste more amazing things. In my humble opinion, Aureole is one of the finest "underappreciated hidden gem" fine dining establishments in Vegas. And it's just the perfect place for a perfect dinner on The Strip.

And honestly, this is another reason why I'm so excited to be back in Home Sweet Vegas. Here is one of the most exciting and dynamic fine dining scenes in the world. And hopefully with old "tried & true" favorites like Aureole keeping the magic working, along with new favorites turning up the allure factor, foodies everywhere will keep looking to Las Vegas for more fine dining wonders.

Remember That Foreclosure Prevention Aid? Well, It's Finally Arrived!

Remember when President Obama announced that foreclosure prevention program when visiting us back in January? Well, it's finally here, and we're getting $102.8 million. So what again will be happening?

The $102.8 million for Nevada is set to be used in this way:

· Nevada will create a mortgage modification program using a combination of forgiveness and forbearance with a goal of reducing principal to less than 115 percent of loan-to-value and lowering payments to 31 percent of debt-to-income.

· The state will also offer assistance to reduce/eliminate second liens with earned forgiveness over a three-year term.

· The state will provide allowances for appraisal and transaction fees, moving fees, a legal allowance for up to three months,and a combination of incentives for borrowers and servicers to facilitate short sales.

This help was long overdue, but thankfully it finally came.

But of course, since it was Harry Reid and Dina Titus that worked on making this program happen, the GOoP crowd is crying foul. Reid and Titus work on a program to help Nevadans, and when it happens they bash them and make accusations... Only for the next day to hear them say, "These Democrats don't do anything for Nevada". So which is it?

And of course, they're calling it everything from "welfare" to "socialism" to "bribery"... And calling the people about to receive this aid "lazy bums". Remember that saying, "Judge not, lest we be judged"? These people needing help to avoid foreclosure were just like us not that long ago, people who had "stable jobs" and people who thought they did everything right in investing in their homes in a "HOT, HOT, HOT HOUSING MARKET!" Hardly anyone saw The Great Recession coming, and for too many people these circumstances (losing jobs, losing other sources of income, going underwater on the mortgage) were out of their control.

So don't say "no big government", then whine about "government inaction". If everything were left to "the free market", we'd all be dead and Las Vegas would be dead. Oh wait, that's right... The GOoPers nominated that Obtuse Angle lady who makes no sense. Whatever.

Thanks to people who realize what struggling Nevada families need right now, we're getting some help. And hopefully more homeowners can save their homes.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crazy Fun Video Night: Why I [HEART] Food Network

Come laugh with me... Along with all my new friends at Food Network Humor! Here's a taste of what I like to watch when I'm in the mood for some "couch potato action":

Bon appetit! ;-)

A "Photo Essay" of My Orange County Sojourn

It was good to visit friends & family in OC this month. I needed a little break from the usual Vegas, but just a temporary break. I'm happy to be home in Vegasland now.

But anyway, take a look above and enjoy... And check out my Photobucket and YouTube for more OC goodness. :-)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sharrontology Exposure... Continued...

Now that Desert Beacon has started investigating who's really behind Sharrontology Obtuse Angle and what she really believes, the "mainstream media" are now asking questions...

But Sharrontology refuses to answer. Hell, she won't even say whether or not she's a birther! (Remember them? They don't believe President Obama was born in Hawaii, despite all the evidence proving otherwise.)

So how's that underground bunker working out for 'ya, Sharrontology?

Casinos: It's Official, MGM Resorts Intl., Moody's No Longer So Moody on Vegas,

So before I come home later today, I want to catch up on some of the important gaming news I've been missing.

- It's official, MGM Mirage is now MGM Resorts International. The company says they did it to "better reflect the resort developer's global presence as it expands in Asia, the Middle East and elsewhere", but I'm wondering if this means The Mirage will be up for sale next. MGM Resorts denies it (wow, I need to get used to saying "MGM Resorts"), but we'll see. Whatever they want to call themselves, they still have $13 billion total debt. And while they are making progress in paying it off, they may need more cash on hand soon if they intend to fast-track more debt payments and/or buy Cosmopolitan to integrate it into CityCenter and/or restart stalled renovation projects for their other casinos.

- In some much appreciated good news for the gaming industry, Moody's has upgraded is overall outlook for gaming from "Negative" to "Stable".

"Although monthly gaming revenue by jurisdiction varies considerably, overall, U.S. gaming revenue was flat year-over-year in March and April 2010, and it appears the trend will hold for May," Keith Foley, senior vice president at Moody's, said in a statement. "While not a stellar performance, it's a marked improvement over the consistent -- and often substantial -- declines of 2008 and 2009. It also has favorable implications for gaming company operating profits, a majority of which comes directly from slot machine and table game revenue."

While Moody's is not yet all-out bullish on gaming (they later noted the continuing struggle to get more tourists to spend more money), it at least reflects Wall Street's re-embrace of the casinos after going so sour on gaming in 2008 and 2009.

- There's some increasing controversy over online hotel reviews and who's actually doing the reviewing. Apparently, paid casino promoters are now taking to sites like Expedia, Yelp, and TripAdvisor to shill for their clients and/or attack their clients' competitors. I guess the 'net is always prone to this kind of abuse. Whatever. The travel sites say they're cracking down on it, and the casinos deny that they pay people to do this kind of sh*t. And moi? Well, I have ways of determining which reviews are real and which aren't... And ultimately, it isn't these anonymous reviews that make my hotel decision for me.

- $1.2 billion in Fontainebleau contracts have been pulled... So construction will be resumed soon? Not so fast. Carl Icahn has said for some time that he wants to wait until Vegas stabilizes some more before he finishes F-bleau, so we can't be so sure this is a sudden change of heart.

- And finally, Steve Friess recently did an interview with Donny Osmond. He talks about the recent death of Marie's son, their return to The Flamingo, his "teen fame" in the 1970s vs. Justin Bieber mania today, and more. As always, Mr. Steve keeps it interesting!

And that's all for now. I may pop out one more blog post before I fly out of Long Beach this afternoon, and I promise to resume regular Nevada blogging later this week once I settle back into "life in paradise".

Monday, June 21, 2010

Crazy Fun Video Night... Comes Back to FABULOUS LAS VEGAS!

I'm coming back, bitchez! Are you ready for moi? ;-)

Foodie Thoughts: Fleur de Lys Closing, "Top Chef Masters" Fallout, & Everything Is California's Fault

Everything is California's fault. Everything, I tell you. F*CK YOU, CALIFORNIA!

If you follow ELV on Facebook, you know that a week ago he reported that Hubert Keller’s Fleur de Lys in Mandalay Bay will close in August, to re-open before the end of the year as a casual, small plates, world tapas bar concept.

The good news is: Hubert Keller (and his chefs and crew) will still be running the new restaurant, and are actively working on said concept and menu as we write this. [...]

The bad news is: This closing is yet another step in the dumbing down of Vegas restaurants — to fit a clientele who doesn’t want to pay for anything more elaborate than burgers, sliders, pizzas, and (god help us) more mediocre sushi. The creeping California casualization of American dining continues, and we fear this relentless trend towards small plates and grazing platters, represents a step away from quality and bodes ill for the future of good restaurants in our humble burg.

OK, let me put aside the Kleenex and bon bons to regain my composure. Deep breath, deep breath...

OK, I can speak again. I can understand Mr. ELV's frustration. Fleur de Lys was one of our more underappreciated fine dining gems. And did I mention Hubert Keller is a culinary god?

But hey, even culinary gods can only swim against the trend current for so long. While fine dining is far from dead and moiself will never stop stimulating the economy via the occasional outrageous food splurges, the fact of the matter is that many diners these days are foregoing the traditional fine dining experience for gastropubs, tapas houses, burger joints, and sushi dens. And foodie genius that he is, Hubert Keller saw this coming and decided to go with the flow rather than risk losing it all by keeping Fleur de Lys as is. And with the Mandalay Bay complex already served by the uber-chic Mix and lovely French-American Aureole, they pretty much had their "Fussified Frenchie Food" covered.

It's sad to see Fleur de Lys closing, but I intend to keep an open mind and see what becomes of Keller's new tapas concept.

And speaking of Mandalay Bay, everyone is still talking about the "Top Chef Masters" season finale. Was Jay Rayner being a dick? IMHO, yes. Is cooking and eating sustainably tough? Absolutely. But is it worth it? I think so. And is Rick Moonen doing what he can to practice what he preaches? IMHO, yes.

Again, it's all California's fault. Wait, so Jay Rayner is from Britain? Oh, OK. F*CK THEM! ;-)

And WTF is this sh*t? Oh, it's at Las Vegas Club. That explains it all.

The slogan on the front is "You catch 'em, we cook 'em," but good luck. The price of $2 per play isn't bad if you manage to grab one of the poor unsuspecting creatures within thirty seconds of depositing your cash and manipulating the claw, but unfortunately their are no consolation prizes (I was thinking a shrimp would be nice) and based on what an employee says in this local video, not many people win. If we hadn't just eaten and if the lobsters had been larger, I might have played, yet there was still something unsettling about it. If monkfish is referred to as the 'poor man's lobster,' then the crustaceans in The Lobster Zone must be the 'cheap, drunk Vegas tourist's lobster,' because I'm not sure who else would actually attempt catch one. I suppose it gets one closer to catching their own food than they otherwise would be, but when neither the animal nor hunter have much of a chance of winning, it just seems cruel for everyone involved. Anyhow, if you're really on a budget give it a whirl, and let me know how it goes. My bet, however, is that you're better of going to Red Lobster for the money, where you're also rewarded with delicious free cheddar biscuits!

If something is so bad that one praises Red Lobster for f*ck's sake, it's that f*cking bad. FAIL!

But this is NOT fail, kids. Our BFF Mike D from Tasting Las Vegas, along with Jillian from Frugal Foodie, made the big leagues when they were featured on KNPR's "State of Nevada" on Friday, when Mr. ELV and Mr. Max do their occasional delicious Friday (not really) hostile takeover of the show. It's good to see the food bloggers in this town get the recognition they deserve.

And finally, both Mr. ELV and Sage (Shawn McClain's ab fab restaurant at Aria) get the national recognition they deserve. Well, at least some things are still working out nicely in this town.

OK, I felt the need to catch up on all I've been missing since I left town. And did I mention everything is always California's fault? I need to get me out of this gawddamned hellhole. ;-)

Extreme Sharrontology

Just as the Sharrontology Obtuse Angle "No Really, She's Sane and Likable!" Tour looked to pull off a coup of pulling the wool over all our eyes, this happens...

And we're all reminded of why she's so afraid of us looking into her record. But wait, there's more! Desert Beacon caught something yesterday, yet another endorsement that Sharrontology doesn't want us to investigate.

An organization calling itself Vision to America sent out a recent fundraising appeal sponsored by U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) on behalf of Nevada Republican senatorial candidate Sharron Angle. [link] "I have put together a plan to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Nevada Senate race — along with several others like it — to achieve conservative victory. This plan includes running statewide television and radio ads, sending direct mail to targeted voters, and operating phone banks — all geared toward defeating Harry Reid in November."

What is American Vision, and why do they love Sharron Angle? American Vision has a goal: "The goal is to return America to its Biblical foundations “from Genesis to Revelation” (a postmillennial reading of Revelation, which holds that the Second Coming will occur after an era of Christian dominance). American Vision is a non-profit, tax exempt, educational organization. Like many of these groups, DeMar also has a companion organization that can raise money and promote candidates for elected office: Vision to America." [Alternet]

The Vision America website clearly shows its connections to the Patriot Pastors. They also appear to be quite disturbed by a photograph of President Obama removing his shoes before entering a mosque. The implication could be intended that the President (formerly castigated as a radical Christian) just might be a muslim? And, their "Mandate To Save America" reads like a wish list of ultra-right wing political talking points. The organization that have signed on to this statement includes the American Family Association, Concerned Women of America, and the Beverly LaHaye Institute. A right wing candidate given the support of a right wing Senator and the use of a radical right wing Christianist fundraising effort shouldn't be surprising, but there is more to this story.

So wait, who are these folks at American Vision? And what has Gary DeMar, the founder of American Vision, actually said? Oh, they just want me dead. Yes, you heard me right... THEY WANT ME DEAD!

"The Bible is clear on moral issues that are culture-killers: homosexuality, homosexual marriage, and abortion," says DeMar, who is closely allied with D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries, where he frequently speaks.

While DeMar insists that homosexuals wouldn't be rounded up and systematically executed under a "reconstructed" government, he does believe that the occasional execution of "sodomites" would serve society well, because "the law that requires the death penalty for homosexual acts effectively drives the perversion of homosexuality underground, back into the closet."

Another "long-term goal," he writes elsewhere, should be "the execution of abortionists and parents who hire them."

DeMar is also down on anti-poverty programs. "Nowhere in the Bible is civil government given authority to help the poor by raising taxes on the rich," he insists in the American Vision Web site essay. "In fact, as history shows, the 'war on poverty' became the war on the poor."

DeMar is tightly linked to other Reconstructionists, including Gary North, with whom he co-authored Christian Reconstruction: What It Is, What It Isn't.

In 1993, American Vision helped county commissioners in Cobb County, Ga., pass an anti-gay resolution so strongly worded that it sparked a national controversy. Cobb County Commissioner Gordon Wysong spoke at American Vision's annual fundraising banquet the following year, saying of gay people, "We should blame them for every social failure in America."

Hear that? According to Sharrontology Obtuse Angle's new BFFs at American Vision, all of us queer folk are to blame for every social failure in America. And I am to be executed for being gay. And if you know someone who works in health care and has had to deal with abortion patients, he/she is also to be put to death.

Imagine if Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale were to cross the realm of fiction to become reality? This is the Amerika the religious right extremists envision, and these are the folks Sharrontology is now taking blood money from.

And you think that's bad? It gets worse! American Vision also hates public education, even going so far to say that higher education leads to totalitarianism.

Not to mention, American Vision also hates the Civil Rights Act, equal rights for minorities, women's equality, and just about everyone who doesn't subscribe to their type of radical right Christian fundamentalism.

Hey Steve Sebelius, I think I've figured out why Sharrontology wants to bring back alcohol prohibition!

So just to sum it all up, Sharrontology is now palling around with the extreme religious right "Christian Reconstructionists", folks who want to turn back the clock on everything from women's rights to LGBTQ equality to civil rights to public education and the social safety net. By the way, I'm sure these folks also disapprove of the way most of us make a living here in Nevada. So why again did the Nevada GOoP let her get the nomination? And why would we the voters even consider sending someone like this backed by extremists like these to the US Senate?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend @ The Beach, OC Style

Ah, good times. Here is where I enjoyed the sunny Saturday yesterday. Take a look below and smile along with moi. ;-)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Crazy Fun Video Night Goes to Food Network: Sandra Lee Edition

Because I can't get enough of Sandra Lee and her unique and entertaining brand of (non)cooking. If you thought her recent lasagna recipe was amazing, try some Kwanzaa cake! I can hardly wait for "Semi-Homemade" to return with new (HILARIOUS!) episodes this fall!

Enjoy the weekend, bitchez! :-D

NV-Sen: Sharrontology Exposure

I guess Sharrontology Obtuse Angle couldn't stay quiet for too long. But funny enough, she still has a hard time admitting to the very positions she proudly took less than a month ago. Why is that?

Extremist Republican Senate nominees Sharron Angle and Rand Paul are attempting the same tactic [of pivoting away from their own extremism]. Despite entire careers built on the far right fringe, they are now attempting to recast themselves as reasonable moderates. Of course, Faux News has been there to help. [...]

As Angle and Paul, and their enablers at Faux, attempt to fool voters into electing candidates whose positions the voters clearly don't like, it will be incumbent upon us to keep a close watch and to keep the discussions honest. Because whatever Angle and Paul now do isn't what matters most. What matters most is what they will do if they get to Washington. And you can be certain that if they do get to Washington, they won't be the nice, sensible people they are now trying to pretend to be. They will be themselves.

At least 8 News Now was able to catch her yesterday, and we'll have to see how many more times Sharrontology forgets her RNC/NRSC reprogramming "coaching" and reveals her true self.

It's just as I said yesterday. Sharrontology Obtuse Angle is a true believer in radical right, anti-worker, laissez faire "corporatocracy"... Along with all her other wackadoodle beliefs that she wants us to forget about. But that's just it, we can't just forget all about it because she wants us to.

So she can run, but ultimately she can't hide forever. Sharrontology is now having to face the press... And the people. And no matter what her new DC handlers say about lying about her past and distracting from the facts, she can't just talk away her own record.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Please Vote for Reid & Titus at Elect Equality... VOTING ENDS TOMORROW!

(Also at Stonewall)

Tomorrow is the last day for folks to cast their votes in Stonewall Democrats ElectEquality program.  As of last week, Dina Titus and Harry Reid were two of the "Top Ten" vote getters out of a shortlist of 30 candidates nationwide.  But as of this morning, Dina and Harry have slipped off the radar screen and out of the all-important "Top Ten."  

Being one of the final ten will mean staff on the ground helping with LGBT turnout/outreach, coordinated online and offline actions, volunteer recruitment, fundraising assistance, canvassing and phone banking.
You can cast up to a total of 10 votes for Dina Titus or Harry Reid (how about 5 votes each?) by clicking the link below:

While each person can only vote once, you can really help your favorite candidates by asking your friends and family to vote.

Please help us make this happen for Dina and Harry!  Remember:  the deadline for you to vote is midnight Eastern time tomorrow June 18, so please take a few seconds and vote now:  http://electequality.org/

Thank you for your help!

NV-Sen: "Extreme Makeover: Sharrontology Edition"? Don't Believe It!

(And btw, if you want to learn more about the radical right "laissez faire" philosophy driving Sharrontology and "her suitors" pulling the strings behind the scenes, Desert Beacon has more essential reading for us today.)

So Jon Ralston is now amazed by the transformation of Sharrontology Obtuse Angle. Is she suddenly now "mainstream"? Is she suddenly someone Nevada voters want to support?

This is what the national GOoP is hoping for. That's why they're trying to hide Tea Nut Queen Sharrontology, along with Tea Nut King "Ayn" Rand Paul, from public scrutiny.

It's no accident or coincidence that Republicans in Washington are trying to shield Senate candidates Rand Paul and Sharron Angle from the national, and even local, press.

Remember the GOP establishment didn't want these far-right, insurgent candidates in the first place, and now Republicans fear that in the year of the tea party, Paul and Angle could become the face of the party for the midterm elections. That could present an image to voters that screams radical more than it does electable.

Each time Paul or Angle stray from party talking points by promoting Social Security privatization, abolishing the Department of Education or backtracking on the Civil Rights Act, more moderate Republican candidates have to field questions about whether they agree on those issues. And every day that the Republicans are having to defend themselves against those questions is a day they lose, rather than focusing it on the economy, Obama, and the Democrats' agenda.

Now this is what they're afraid of. The GOoPers are afraid of us learning about the truth of Sharrontology and what she really wants.

The Alliance for Retired Americans, an AFL-CIO-affiliated group, has been staging a series of events of senior citizens throughout the state. An event was held outside of an Angle campaign office late last week, and a demonstration also occurred at the state Republican headquarters this week. Another event was also held Wednesday, at the Cambridge Community Center in Las Vegas, and another event is set for Thursday in Sparks.

We asked Alliance spokesperson Laura Markwardt about the organization's push going forward. "It's definitely a big issue for Nevada and nationally, as the senior population grows in this country," said Markwardt. "Sharron Angle's stances are obviously -- she's come out and said some very abrasive things, has some dangerous plans and would like to dismantle Social Security and Medicare."

During the primary campaign, Angle said that she wanted to phase out the two programs, for something private -- which the Reid campaign has already made into a TV ad. She also said that while details would have to be worked out on the manner of implementation for privatization, "The idea of privatizing and getting out of Medicare and Social Security is not up for grabs." [Emphasis mine.]

No wonder why the DC GOoPers are afraid of us "unwashed at home". They don't want us "unwashed masses" realizing the trick they're trying to pull on us with Sharrontology.

Yesterday, Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle “introduced herself to a very curious Senate Republican Conference” at their weekly caucus lunch. Apparently, the “Republicans walked away impressed.” “I hadn’t met her. I was impressed by what she had to say, and she did interact with several of our Members,” Sen. John Thune (R-SD) told Roll Call. Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) said she “did a good job” and gave the kind of speech she wouldn’t “give to the unwashed back home” [...]

According to the dictionary, referring to the masses as “unwashed” is “derogatory.” Wiktionary says it refers to “The collective group (‘mass’) of people who are considered by someone to be somehow uneducated, uninformed, or in some other way unqualified for inclusion in the speaker’s elite circles.”

Whoops! Did they let it slip who's really running Tea Party, Inc.? Did they reveal, just for a moment, who's pulling the strings of the Sharrontology campaign marionette?

And remember, they're trying to make you, me, Ralston, and everyone else in Nevada forget about the real Sharrontology Obtuse Angle...

So she can slip in, and they can resume what they started under George Bush's Presidency, which was the redistribution of wealth and power from the working class majority to a few ultra-wealthy elitists. Yes, you heard me right. Tea Party, Inc., may claim to be "populist", but what they're really about is anything but. Tea Party, Inc., is really the "front group" for the very corporate powers that be that caused The Great Recession we're just starting to get out of.

Don't believe me? Follow the money trail. And see who's running it. Behind the smoke and mirrors of "the grassroots army" are corporate titans like Koch Industries (infamous for funding radical right groups, see Desert Beacon to learn about what they believe), GOoP operative (and former House Majority Leader) Dick Armey, corporate lobbyists, the Wall Street powers that be, the insurance industry, and so much more.

So this is what it's really all about... But shhh, the national GOoP doesn't want us to know. They think an "extreme makeover" of Tea Party, Inc., along with their preferred candidates like Sharrontology Obtuse Angle and "Ayn" Rand Paul, will be just enough to dupe us into letting them have their way. Let's prove them wrong!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crazy Fun Video Night Goes to... Surf City USA, Huntington Beach!

So I had another taste of paradise today... This time, in "Surf City USA"! Enjoy! :-D

Prop H8: Another California Story (That May Affect Nevada)

These past few weeks and months, there's been so much happening in Nevada that it was sometimes quite difficult for me to turn my eyes elsewhere to see what's happening "in the outside world". But now that I'm actually here in California this month, I figured now would be a good chance to discuss the wrap-up of the Prop H8 federal trial... Especially with closing arguments today.

Courage Campaign, Progress Now Nevada's sister organization in California, has been covering the Prop H8 trial like crazy. The above video is a "retold scene" directly from the trial transcript.

So why am I talking about California (again) today? Well, this doesn't just affect marriage equality in California. This will have an impact on LGBTQ equality throughout the nation. The verdict, along with the subsequent appellate court rulings, will set a precedent for federal challenges on other marriage bans, including Question 2 here in Nevada.

Think about it. If the courts uphold Prop H8 and consider discrimination "constitutional", we probably won't see any challenge of Question 2 any time soon. However if the courts decide to overturn Prop H8, even if it's a narrowly tailored ruling stating that the Yes on H8 campaign's target of LGBTQ families was unconstitutional, this opens the door for us to make a move on Question 2. And especially if Judge Walker issues a broad ruling specifically declaring the entire concept of banning marriage equality unconstitutional, then Question 2 also is immediately struck down along with all the other state marriage bans.

So why does all this marriage talk really matter? As I explained last year, domestic partnership (DP) is needed progress but it's still not marriage. There are still many state and federal benefits and responsibilities given to married couples but denied to registered domestic partners. DPs were needed to provide some type of legal recognition and equal treatment under the law, but they are not full equality and we shouldn't ultimately settle for less than full equality.

So this is why I'm keeping an eye on Prop H8. Hopefully, we'll eventually see justice come from the courts. And regardless of what happens in the courts for the next few months, we need to keep organizing and keep winning hearts and minds until we build majority support for full state and federal equality.

NV-Sen: While Everyone Else Notices...

While everyone else notices Sharrontology Obtuse Angle trying to hide that massive elephant in the room, the lovely folks at "The 'Newspaper' That Shall Not Be Named" would rather not be bothered by all the silly talk. Nope, they prefer to make their own silly talk and brainwash inform their sycophants readers on the latest radical right propaganda "news" of the day.

This is essentially what the "newspaper" is saying:

Bullshit, crap, more crap, blow job for Ronald Reagan, miss old Ronnie, hate Harry, LOVE SHARRONTOLOGY!!!, bullshit, more bullshit, pure unadulterated crap, derivative crap, insightful conservative hate speech, more crap, small turds, bigger turds, little rat publisher flatulence, bla, bla bla, love the governor... BUT LOVE BORN-AGAIN-TEABAGGER BRIAN SANDOVAL EVEN MORE!!!, all lies about SANDOVAL, GIBBONS WHO???, apologist, flatulence, still hate Reid, both of them, Shelley Berkley, lucky she's in that gerrymandered district, more flatulence, Dina Taxes is in trouble, she won but she's in trouble, hate democrats, HATE OBAMA OSAMA O-BLOMOLOMODINGDONG!!!, love the tea baggers, love the RADICAL RIGHT!!!, lovin Ronnie Reagan, George BUSH who?, JOHNNY CASINO ENSIGN WHO???, bullshit, crap, more crap, the only thing I like about the beltway is the name, damn people speeding, crap, bla, SHARRONTOLOGY FOREVER!!!!, GET OFF MY LAWN YOU LIL' LIBTARD WHIPPER-SNAPPERS!!!!, BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT, CRAP, CRAP, crap, bla, shit, bla ffffffffffftttttttt(a tribute to Mad Magazine!)

And to think, we have another four and a half months of this from the "newspaper" to look forward to! Enjoy! :-D

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Just to Make You a Little More Jealous...

Just in case you didn't get enough from earlier today, here's some more Laguna for you!

Enjoy! And happy summer vacation! :-D

The Facts on Sharrontology & Social Security

(Btw, as always, Desert Beacon gets even wonkier with more facts on Social Security and Sharrontology's factless drivel.)

So now, Sharrontology Obtuse Angle claims she isn't really for abolishing Social Security... Even though she is. And the media are chattering away about why we're not seeing more "open dialogue on reforming Social Security". Sound familiar? It should. George Bush tried this exact same tactic in 2005, and the corporate media were cheerleading it on until the waves of protests all over the country killed the proposal...

Or did it? It seems Sharrontology wants to revive it. And like Bush in 2005, she's using the same ol' "It's going broke!!!!" scare tactics to goad us into letting her throw starving seniors onto the streets to "fend for themselves" like they should in a "free market".

So here's the problem. Obtuse Angle isn't giving us the full story. Social Security is NOT "going broke".

I know, I know. It's not as dramatic as the "Oh noezzz, Social Security is BROKE!!!!" storyline you hear in the corporate media and you see parroted by radical right GOoPers like Sharrontology. But let's face it, there's no real "CRISIS!!!!" here.

And looking at the long-term funding issues, there are simple solutions that can be used, such as changing the cap on the Social Security tax (currently no income over $97,000 per year is taxed), simply stopping the constant raids into the Social Security Trust Fund (to pay for things like the Bush Tax Cuts and the Iraq War), and rethinking our budget priorities (hint: our military budget is over three times the amount of our Social Security budget). Again, I know this isn't dramatic enough for the media to salivate over like the discredited "Social Security MUST be reformed (read privatized)!!!!" storyline. But hey, isn't it better to look at real solutions to the real problems rather than get all dramatic over nothing?

And in Sharrontology's case, her favored "solution" would cause far more problems if implemented. You know how she and her teabagger army whine and scream and complain about "bailouts", even if they're nonexistent? Well, how do you think state governments would cope if Social Security were privatized, millions of seniors didn't rack up the savings Sharrontology promised they would, and the State of Nevada was left holding the bag for the feds' failure in ruining Social Security? Guess what we'd need: A BAILOUT!! Nevada would need at least $3.4 billion to fix the privatization hot mess, and the overall federal bailout to states would cost at least $601 billion!

Talk about Sharrontology's folly! And this is just the start...

You really want her directing your future retirement?

The Facts on Sharrontology & The Environment

Yesterday, I had the chance to enjoy some of the most beautiful stretch of coastline on the planet...

But what would happen if I couldn't? What would happen if this coastline were to look like this?

Now doesn't that look lovely? Well, this is what Sharrontology Obtuse Angle wants for us. No really, Sharrontology wants to deregulate the oil industry even more... Even AFTER news broke of the carnage of the BP oil spill!

QUESTION: You have been in support of onshore drilling in the United States as well as offshore drilling, are you rethinking that policy with what is going on in Louisiana?

ANGLE: No. I think that what happened in Louisiana was an accident. They're cleaning it up. We need to go forward and talk about prevention and not about whether we keep it out all together. We know that lot of the problems that have been caused for us with foreign policy and even with our own gas prices here domestically going up is our dependence upon foreign oil.

We have oil reserves and petroleum reserves that we should tap into. And that's a policy that we really need to look at as a nation. How do we deregulate enough to invite our industries to come back into the United States and quit outsourcing their business?

Really, Ms. Obtuse Angle? Really?

Yeah, that's what I thought. It was the Bush Administration's cult of deregulation and fossil fuel worship that got us into this mess in the first place! And Sharrontology wants MORE of this? Just like her plan to destroy Social Security, Obtuse Angle looks to be recycling the very worst Bush era policies and taking them to the furthest possible extreme.

Never mind that deregulation led to the BP oil disaster. Never mind that offshore drilling isn't as safe as the oil industry claims. Never mind that more offshore drilling does NOT lead to energy independence (further down, I mention what will). Never mind how we're now seeing the impact of drilling gone wild in The Gulf of Mexico, and how we'd be impacted closer to home if a similar drilling disaster were to happen in California if more offshore drilling were is permitted there. Nope, Obtuse Angle just ignores the facts like any good GOoPer would.

This is the same strategy she has on the real crisis we're facing with climate change. So what's Sharrontology's position? Oh, she doesn't believe in it!

Even as weather patterns change. Even as we see more extreme heat and extreme cold. Even as we see more floods, more uber-powerful hurricanes, more epic wildfires, more devastating droughts. Nope, Sharrontology Obtuse Angle doesn't believe in reality.

And worse, she doesn't believe in Nevada. We have so many opportunities in this state with solar, with wind, and with geothermal. But instead of offering any ideas to further our renewable future, Sharrontology wants more "Drill Baby Drill, Spill Baby Spill". Oh, and let's not forget she wants not just nuclear waste, but even nuclear power plants (!!!), at Yucca Mountain.

Let's now sum up what we've learned here. Sharrontology Obtuse Angle wants more unregulated offshore drilling. She wants more dependence on fossil fuel. She doesn't give a sh*t about renewable energy. And she doesn't believe in proven climate science.

Now why would we want that... When we can have this?

Just sayin'...

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My Local Mall...

At least while I'm at Dad's house.

Just another OC experience...

Happy Monday, y'all! ;-)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ah, Time to Relax...

With a nice trip to the beach! I figured after all the primary insanity, we could all use a breather. So before I sign off for the weekend (unless some really crazy news breaks, which is always possible, I'll enjoy a little down time here in Cali), I just wanted to share some old personal pics with you from one of my favorite places on earth (since OC still has too much "June Gloom" marine layer to really enjoy the beach this week)...

Feeling better now? I know I am! And hopefully next week after I have a chance to visit Laguna again, I'll have some new, fresh pics to share with y'all. Happy Weekend! :-)

NV-Sen: Everyone's Talking About Sharrontology!

It seems the folks outside Nevada are just now starting to realize who Sharrontology Obtuse Angle really is and what she actually stands for.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Heh. I guess this does sound almost rational...

Compared to this!

Yes, my dears, the national media and DC punditry class are just now realizing how extreme Sharrontology really is!

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

And while the national GOoP is embracing her as their "Queen of Tea Party, Inc." alongside "King of Tea Party, Inc." Rand Paul, Nevada GOoPers are now afraid their party will face the same problems plaguing Kentucky's.

Though it’s early, there were mixed signs on whether Angle — who rose from single digits in the polls to a victory over one-time front-runner Sue Lowden — could gather widespread support. National Republicans rallied around her. But some moderate Nevada Republicans backed away, questioning the soundness of her conservative stances and openly doubting her chances of beating Reid.

In a conference call with reporters Wednesday, the Republican National Committee embraced Angle, pledging resources to help run an aggressive voter identification and turnout operation in the general election. Michael Steele, the group’s chairman, said the organization tasked with aiding Republican candidates would work with Angle’s camp to boost her threadbare campaign over the next 10 days.

“She will be more than ready and more than prepared,” he said.

Steele sidestepped a question about Angle’s vulnerability on issues such as Social Security and Medicare. [...]

But there’s a distinct uneasiness with Angle in Nevada GOP circles. She has often clashed with the party’s establishment and its more centrist wing on taxes and their compromises on policy proposals such as a property tax cap that she opposed on constitutional grounds. [...]

[Bill] Raggio [(R-Reno), State Senate Minority Leader], whom Angle nearly defeated in 2008, said: “It’s doubtful Sharron Angle can garner the Democrat and independent support necessary to win against Harry Reid. Her views are extreme. Many good Republicans would find it hard to subscribe to those positions.”

Sig Rogich, the GOP Nevada operative and former presidential adviser who is co-chairman of “Republicans for Reid,” said he began receiving phone calls from establishment Republicans as the election results rolled in Tuesday. Although he declined to disclose their names, he said 13 Republicans, some of whom backed Angle’s rivals, wanted to join Reid’s campaign. Rogich said a list would be forthcoming.

“I’m very confident that we’ll have a lot of Republican support for Harry Reid,” he said. “I think we’re going to be able to expand this Republican group significantly. As active Republicans, it’s very difficult for them to support someone who wants to get rid of Social Security.”

And looky here, we already have one publicly jumping ship! Republican Reno Mayor Bob Cashell is now endorsing Harry Reid!

Yep, it looks like Sig Rogich is just waiting for Raggio and a few more of those few non-extremist Republicans left to escape the Bad Ship Nevada GOoP before Captain Sharrontology sinks it! And behind the scenes, even the national GOoPers are getting all jittery over Sharrontology.

The fledging anti-tax movement — also a thorn in the side of incumbents and the national leadership of the two major political parties — claimed a victory in Nevada, where a perennial conservative activist won the right to take on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in the fall. [...]

Sharron Angle's win in Nevada might also be viewed as a victory for Democrats. She has quickly become the symbol of a Republican Party turn to the right — and away from moderate voters — that Democrats hope will help them avoid widespread losses this fall. [...]

The tea party movement's win in Nevada will probably have a more dramatic impact — although perhaps not the one conservatives intended. Angle has staked out several positions that could be hard to make palatable to independent and moderate voters.

Angle has supported the eliminating the Environmental Protection Agency, something Democrats will be eager to make her explain as oil is soiling the waters and killing the wildlife of the Gulf of Mexico.

So perhaps the national GOoP shouldn't get too giddy about their sweet Sharrontology. Wait until more Nevadans learn about who she really is...