Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Whatever you do, don't look behind the curtain. Don't notice the melting Antarctic Ice Sheet. Don't pay attention to the record heat. Don't bother examining the ongoing drought.

G-O-TEA politicians continue to deny the increasingly frightening reality of climate change. For them, it's about pandering to the 21st Century Know Nothings who comprise their political base. For them, it's all about political survival.

But for many in California, they're simply concerned about human survival. Last week, over 20,000 people were evacuated as wildfires emerged near Los Angeles and San Diego. We even saw a "firenado" form last week.

And it's not just California. Closer to home, the Hunter Falls Fire has burning in the Mount Rose wilderness area near Reno. It's now 47% contained. And while it may be fully contained by Friday, it's meant a rather early kickoff to Northern Nevada's wildfire season.

For many "TEA" flavored politicians & media personalities, climate change is merely a "distraction" from the pressing haute faux scandals of the day. But for those of us who have experienced wildfires, drought, and other effects of climate change, it's about survival. It's about our survival. It's about the survival of the human race.

Keep this in mind next time you see a "TEA" tinged politician engage in climate denial. They may be worried about their own near term political survival... But we need to be more concerned about longer term human survival.

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