Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Maybe a Vegas Vacation Can't Cure Everything?

This should be fun. Pundits all over are chirping over the selection of Former Rep. Enid Greene Mickelsen (R-Utah) to head the convention site selection committee for the Republican National Committee (RNC). Does this mean the 2016 Republican National Convention might just come here after all?

Not so fast. Keep in mind that there are still 22 other cities vying for #RNC2016. And one of them just happens to be the capital of Utah's other next door neighbor. Kansas City, Chicago, and all 3 major Ohio cities (!!!) are also among the contenders, so @LV2016 boosters should expect a fierce competition ahead.

Already, national Republican "leaders" are honing in on better "optics" for future election cycles. That's why local @LV2016 fans are calling on the RNC to "embrace the diversity of Las Vegas". But will they?

We've been down this road before. Sure, this may be the first time that Republicans have seriously considered bringing their national showcase event to Southern Nevada. However, this isn't the first time they've tried to woo us by whispering sweet nothings into our ears.

And then, there's that whole matter of "embracing diversity". How's that working out? Oh yes, that's right. The RNC looks set to double down (again) on the G-O-TEA War on Women. Meanwhile, top Republicans in Oklahoma, Indiana, Arizona, New Jersey (we'll get back to him shortly), and elsewhere continue their crusade against LGBTQ civil rights. And then, there are Republicans' "great ideas" for Latin@ outreach. And of course, we can't forget the G-O-TEA Florida Legislature candidate who wants President Obama executed.

This is how today's G-O-TEA has been embarking on "embracing diversity". No wonder why "Republican insiders" are so worried about their party's electoral future. And with "Great White Hope" Chris Christie's 2016 poll numbers turning south (in the wake of Bridge-gate), they have even more to worry about now.

Perhaps some Republicans are hoping a fun field trip to Las Vegas will cure their party of all these woes. Perhaps they'll even get their way this time. They just can't realistically expect a lavish Vegas Vacation to wash away their party's severe disconnect from reality.

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