Thursday, January 30, 2014

Reform for Real

Earlier this month, Las Vegas Country Club experienced quite a lot of action. House Speaker John Boehner (R-¡Díos Mio!) had come to town to raise money for Rep. Joe Heck (R-¿Por qué?). And a whole lot of frustrated constituents were outside to ask them why they couldn't get their house of Congress working on anything worthwhile for a change.

Did that strike (some more) fear in the heart of Speaker Boehner? All of a sudden, his "leadership team" will release principles for immigration reform".

Oh, really. So what might be in those "principles"? Whatever they are, they're not real comprehensive immigration reform (CIR). After all, this is the same line that Speaker Boehner has used before for the past year. And it's the same line Rep. Joe Heck used last summer in an attempt to quell local demands for CIR.

What has their preferred "step by step" approach delivered so far? Nothing, other than a House passed amendment to deport DREAMers. So why are we supposed to believe differently this time, especially when the 21st Century Know Nothings are already mobilizing to kill whatever bill House Republican "leaders" ultimately settle upon?

The G-O-TEA Civil War is probably set to worsen in the coming days. And if Speaker Boehner indeed vows to double down on his "principles", those "principles" will only succeed in killing CIR for the foreseeable future. Is that the real goal here? Are these "principles" just another attempt to deflect blame onto someone else?

There's a reason why Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-No Really, He's Still There!) is quietly suggesting that Republicans stop fighting CIR. And there's a reason why HR 15 has 3 Republican cosponsors. And there's a reason why S 744 attracted the support of Senator Dean Heller (R-Sí, Se Puede).

Here's a hint: The status quo has failed us. Too many American families are being torn apart. And too many economic opportunities are being missed. So why waste any more time trying to prop up the status quo?

Sure, House Republican "leaders" now want us to believe they have "principles for immigration reform". But why are we supposed to believe them if they keep rejecting the one feasible path for real reform? Here's some advice for them: Don't tell us. Show us.

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