Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Living With the Consequences

Why must we still talk about this? But how can we possibly avoid it? Oh, when will it ever be resolved?

Yesterday, we explained why a Vegas Vacation can't magically make the G-O-TEA Civil War go away. No amount of political airbrushing can permanently hide the gruesome reality of a Republican Party stuck in the midst of a crippling identity crisis. And sadly, that identity crisis continues its threats to cripple our economy.

Last Friday, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) tried... No, wait. He didn't even try to paint a pretty face on the extreme G-O-TEA agenda his lower house of Congress continues to regurgitate. He just darted into Las Vegas Country Club to pour more money into Rep. Joe Heck's campaign. For some reason, they didn't want to talk to the media and the constituents outside about all the amazing accomplishments of the 113th Congress.

We wonder why. After all, they managed to... No, wait. The House still hasn't passed comprehensive immigration reform (CIR). And millions of American families must continue to live in legal limbo because of Boehner's refusal to allow any vote on CIR (& Heck's refusal to do anything about this).

But hold on, they did... No, wait. Congress still hasn't passed any #4jobs legislation. Instead, they're forcing another round of cruel, painful austerity on the nation.

Come on, now. We know they... No, wait. Instead of passing any legislation that could actually create more jobs, Speaker Boehner's House (of FAIL) has only brought forth legislation to endanger the health of our people & our planet. And of course, they have to top that off with more War on Women. And if that's not enough, they'll add more "BENGHAZIEEEEEEEE!!!" to the mix. And they'll spice that up some more with more manufactured crises.

No wonder why Reps. Boehner & Heck declined to address the public before or after their quaint $2,600 per plate luncheon. Even after all their bluster of "Republican rebranding" that had become the talk of the town (DC, that is) around this time last year, Republican "leaders" have failed to change anything. And keep in mind, they're supposed to be "leaders"! Why can't they drag their own party into the 21st Century?

Are they really that afraid of the 21st Century Know Nothings? Are they willing to let their entire party choke on the xenophobic bile of their "New Southern Strategy"? Are they truly that afraid of the reality of America in 2014?

We've discussed this numerous times before. Yet as long as the Republican Party continues failing to adapt to 21st Century America, we'll have to keep talking about this. After all, we're all living with the consequences of it.

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