Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crash Course (on #GreenMeansGreen)

So how's that "crash" coming along? Earlier this month, CBS' flagship "news magazine" "60 Minutes" unveiled a shocking report on the "60 Minutes". Unfortunately for the "60 Minutes" crew, their shocking report turned out to be shocking because it was so shockingly wrong.

Contrary to G-O-TEA wishes, the green economy is humming along just fine. Rather, it's the fossil fuel industry that's increasingly running into trouble. With both natural gas prices and fracking woes on the rise, the "natural gas boom" of the last few years may finally be starting to turn into a bust. And considering both the continued health risks (cough- West Virginia- cough) and declining private sector investment in coal, don't expect "King Coal" to reclaim its throne any time soon (or really, ever).

It's become painfully obvious that we must rethink energy going forward. We've given the fossil fuel industry so many institutional advantages over the years. Why not level the playing field... And do something meaningful about climate change... And create more jobs in the process?

This is what UN Climate Chief Christiana Figueres is talking about when she calls for global investment in renewable energy to triple. It must in order for us to come closer to the carbon emissions reduction we need in order to survive. In addition, it would be a response to already budding market forces pointing toward a greener future.

And think of all the jobs that all that investment can create. Or is that just too much actual jobs creation for the allegedly #4jobs G-O-TEA Congresscritters?

Do we really need to be convinced any further? Do we really need any more delays? And do we need any more counterproductive hyperventilating over nonexistent "crashes"?

Consider this today's green tinted food for thought.

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