Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Ultimate "Rebranding" FAIL

This morning, we couldn't help but take another glance at that terrific "Republican rebranding" campaign underway. Ain't it something to behold?

Apparently, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval (R-Still Doesn't Know It's 2014) wants to add his own contribution to the "Republican rebranding" campaign. But how so? Oh, he's continuing to fight against marriage equality in federal court. No really, he had the Attorney General's office file this brief with the Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals.

So what does it say? Get a load of this.

State's brief: "The institution of traditional marriage pervades Nevada law and society... (has) a defining effect on Nevada’s society." [...]

NV brief: "Nevada law that defines marriage to be between a man and a woman is legitimate..under equal protection or due process standards." [...]

Followed by: "interest of the State in defining marriage ..motivated by the state’s desire to protect and perpetuate traditional marriage."

"Institution of traditional marriage"? What does Governor Sandoval mean by that? Is he talking about the "institution" Britney Spears flew into town a decade ago to indulge in for a grand 55 hours? (Don't worry, Brit Brit. We still love you!)

And let's talk about that "interest of the state". In 1931, the "interest of the state" involved attracting more dollars into the state and finding a way to ride out The Great Depression. That's why "quickie weddings" and "easy divorces" came into existence and made a lasting mark on Nevada marriage laws.

So who's Governor Sandoval kidding here with his talk of "traditional marriage"? We already know he's on very shaky legal ground. And in the wake of the Ninth Circuit's recent decision to adopt the "heightened scrutiny" standard for cases of anti-LGBTQ discrimination, Governor Sandoval is now standing on incredibly unstable ground.

Dare we ask, who is he getting his advice from? This season's "Bachelor"? Dave Agema? Perhaps Sherri Shepard? Or was it just someone who was trying to compete with the comedic platinum that we're finding in this hot mess of a brief brought to us by the usual suspects?

So how's that "Republican rebranding" coming along, Nevada G-O-TEA? We see you're still trying to deny what's increasingly undeniable. And you're still twisting yourselves into knots to try to defend the indefensible. And you wonder why your recruitment campaign is increasingly looking like this?

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