Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Doing Something" v. (Actually) Doing Something

Remember this guy? He's still in Congress. And apparently, he now wants to be known for doing something there.

Last year, Rep. Joe Heck (R-Henderson) caught plenty of flack for failing to deliver on a number of important matters to Southern Nevada. Of course, one of those important matters has been comprehensive immigration reform (CIR). Despite repeated requests by his constituents to act on CIR, and despite Heck's occasional suggestions that he will, nothing has happened (other than his June 2013 vote for an anti-CIR amendment to deport DREAMers).

But now, Rep. Heck is finally in position to do something. So what does he want to do?

.@RepJoeHeck named chair of HouseArmedServices investigations panel, takes over one of the GOP probes of Benghazi. #lvrj

Oh, yes. That's right. We're back to Benghazi. And we're back to the usual G-O-TEA conspiracy theories.

At a Summerlin area town hall last August, Rep. Joe Heck promised swift action on investigating Benghazi...

Even though G-O-TEA anti-Obama/Clinton conspiracy theories swirling around that 2012 US Consulate attack continue to be debunked, G-O-TEA politicians just can't stop in their quest to find a new #ObamaScandal to use against The White House and Congressional Democrats in the coming midterms. Their appetite for haute faux scandals still looks to be as strong as their appetite for manufactured crises. And once again, Rep. Heck seems to be going along (with G-O-TEA Scandal-mania) to get along (with the G-O-TEA base who decides primaries).

At least he will be able to keep his promise to the G-O-TEA to investigate Benghazi (to death). Perhaps this will be enough for him to fend off any late-surging, TEA fueled primary challenges.

But what about the rest of us? What about the American families worrying about their family members being deported? What about the businesses looking for more certainty in America's immigration system? And what about all the workers who are already here and just want a chance to work legally for a decent wage?

And since we're talking about work, what about all those #4jobs promises? Remember when Rep. Heck and other House Republicans promised action to put Americans back to work? Yep, we know. It seems like an eternity ago.

Perhaps now, Rep. Heck can finally feel like a "playa" on Capitol Hill. However, he should keep in mind that voters here and across the nation are not looking forward to more time wasted on nonsensical conspiracy theories. If he wants to be credited with "doing something", then he needs to spend time doing something productive.

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