Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Convergence: Green Edition

We can't help but think of how we've already started the new year. We've been talking about space exploration & scientific research (& how austerity screws up both), "The Cleantech Crash" that only exists on "60 Minutes", and Southern Nevada Water policy. OK, so what? How do all these topics converge?

Here's the answer: climate change. Yes, climate change is happening. Yes, it's settled science. And yes, we really need to do something about it ASAP.

Never mind the latest fad of Polar Vortex TEA trolling. Wintry weather does not mean the end of climate change. In fact, 2013 may turn out to be the 7th hottest year on record. And the trend going forward is at least as disturbing.

Meanwhile on Capitol Hill, the G-O-TEA run House has gone out of its way to try to undermine efforts to curb climate change. Never mind that this anti-environment crusade does nothing #4jobs and has no chance of getting past the Senate (let alone President Obama). The TEA drinking party animals there would rather celebrate their "ideological purity" than do anything productive.

And speaking of productive, let's talk about Goldman Sachs' decision to abandon a 49% stake in a plan to build the West Coast's largest coal terminal. Finally, Goldman Sachs is starting to take its own advice. And it's not alone. More and more major banks are pledging not to finance new coal power projects. This may be due to coal becoming less cost effective and the trend of municipalities ditching coal and other fossil fuels for cleaner energy. We just wonder when "60 Minutes" will do a segment on "The Coal tech Crash".

With climate change becoming an unavoidable reality and renewable energy becoming an irresistible business opportunity, now is the perfect time to act. So why can't we? Why shouldn't we?

We've discussed this before, but we might as well bring it up again now. Here in Nevada, we've seen both the promise of action and the perils of inaction. Anyone who still wants to deny reality should come here and get a real taste of it. And in the mean time, we can only hope the progress we see here will eventually encourage a big, green solution for the entire nation.

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