Wednesday, September 18, 2013

No Mas Excusas

It's the maddening circus that just won't end (yet). As we discussed earlier today, Congressional Republican "leaders" are giving into G-O-TEA delusions of grandeur for the time being. They're scheduling the 42nd vote to take our health care away. And they're doing so because they're careless and incompetent their base demands more drama.

Once again, the nation is being held hostage due to a G-O-TEA temper tantrum. And even as they continue reveling in their latest manufactured crisis, they're still scheduling time for more scandalicious fishing expeditions. If there's one thing G-O-TEA Congresscritters excel at, it's wasting time (& taxpayers' money)!

Congressional Republicans always seem to have time to waste on silly partisan games. Yet when it comes to real issues that need real attention, they duck and cover. Case in point: comprehensive immigration reform (CIR).

Yesterday, President Obama (yet again) made it clear he’s ready to work with Congress to pass CIR. And throughout this week, labor and business leaders are meeting with Congressional Democratic leaders to determinr a path forward for CIR. But as of now, all anyone is hearing from Congressional Republicans on CIR is this: {crickets}.

As we've noted here before, real American families suffer as long as the House fails to act on comprehensive immigration reform. So what are House Republicans waiting for? Perhaps another manufactured crisis and/or haute faux scandal to claim as an excuse for continued inaction? Here's a reality check for them: The time for excuses is over.

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