Sunday, September 1, 2013

One More Office Visit

Last month, something amazing happened. When immigrant rights activists gathered outside Rep. Joe Heck's office to demand action on comprehensive immigration reform (CIR), he came down to talk to the protesters. And he prayed with them. At least for that day, hope for reform seemed very much alive.

But a week later, Rep. Heck was cagey at his Summerlin town hall when asked about the House actually passing any CIR legislation. And then last week, House G-O-TEA "leaders" let it slip that they intend to kill CIR this fall to make room for more manufactured crises.

Although Rep. Heck has suggested he supports CIR in theory and is working on piecemeal immigration bills, he hasn't committed to finishing what the Senate started. And as long as he and other supposedly "pro-reform" House Republicans continue to allow the 21st Century Know Nothings to essentially control Congress' agenda, CIR won't pass. They have to be willing to break through the G-O-TEA roadblock and bring CIR to the House floor.

That's what the OFA Miracle Workers were saying yesterday across the street from Rep. Heck's Henderson area office. They were asking him to match his words with real action. And they weren't alone.

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Aurora Aguilar was asking for an opportunity for her husband to return and reunite with his family.

So was Yvonne Melendez. Her husband has also been separated from his family here.

And so was Issac Barron. Well, he isn't worrying about family members across the border. However, the CCSD high school teacher and North Las Vegas City Council Member did talk about the dreams of his students and the true meaning of being an American.

After the speeches, everyone crossed Pebble Road and walked to Rep. Heck's office. But because Heck's office was closed for the weekend, they couldn't go upstairs.

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However, they refuse to give up. And why should they? Too many American families have been torn apart. And this kind of heartbreaking pain is only continuing because of petty politics.

Because of petty politics, these families are stuck separated and in legal limbo. They're left wondering when Congress will finally fix a problem Congress helped create.

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