Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Match the Words With Action

It seems to be the never ending tragedy. Every day, seven children die from gun violence. That's why the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Demand Action campaign and local OFA volunteers paid a visit to Senator Dean Heller's Southern Nevada office in the Southwest Vegas Valley.

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In April, Senator Dean Heller (R-NRA) actually filibustered rather modest gun safety legislation. The background checks provision was actually designed by two Senators with NRA "A" ratings! Yet despite that and the overwhelming support among Nevadans for expanding background checks for gun purchases, he nonetheless took the gun lobby's bait.

Yet since then, Senator Heller has occasionally spun his filibustering of even the most modest gun safety reform as "supporting expanded background checks". Yep, he's actually tried to spin away his own record. And he seems to be inspiring Rep. Joe Heck's take on gun safety.

This is why two local gun owners asked Senator Heller to finally match his words with action. Ron Nelsen and Bob Cavazos both have experience with guns. And they both explained how rights come with responsibilities.

Tyron Boldon also spoke. He wanted to relay to Senator Heller the same message he gave to Rep. Heck last month. He lost his brother to a horrific outburst of gun violence on the Las Vegas Strip. How many more Nevadans must lose loved ones to such senseless brutality?

Newtown, Connecticut, parent Neil Heflin also spoke up today. He lost his son, Jesse, in the Sandy Hook Massacre. He knows all too well what happens when dangerous weapons fall into the wrong hands. That's why he urged Senator Heller to match his words with action on gun safety.

After the speeches outside, everyone went inside to deliver constituent petitions to Senator Heller. Staff would not let them in the office. How nice (not).

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This issue may not always be in the headlines, but it's far from over. As long as people keep dying from senseless gun violence, this issue will still be awaiting actual action from Congress. When will Senator Heller be ready to match his words with action?

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