Tuesday, September 17, 2013

La Estupidez y El Té

This month is Hispanic Heritage Month. So how are Congressional Republicans celebrating? Oh, they have a shiny new YouTube video to share with the nation!

Wow, what... A crock of crap. ¿Dónde están sus cabezas?

A slick video does not make for actual "minority outreach". But you know whatbdoes? Try policies that work (for working families).

Is this why Republican "leaders" failed to mention their sterling economic policies? And is this why they failed to mention comprehensive immigration reform (CIR)? Ah, now that video is starting to make sense (but it's still stupid as hell).

Study after study after study has demonstrated how CIR will benefit the economy. So House Republicans can't honestly claim they're stalling CIR for economic reasons. So why are they doing it?

Recently, House Republican "leaders" have claimed they "don't have time" for immigration. Really? They "don't have time" for CIR, yet they do have time for manufactured crises, anti-Obamacare obstruction, and even more quixotic battles in the ongoing G-O-TEA War on Women? What the hell are they smoking? Here's a helpful hint for Congressional Republicans: Put down the pipes and realize none of these actions appeal to Latin@ voters.

Comprehensive immigration reform, on the other hand, does appeal to Latin@ voters... And to most voters overall. So what's the problem?

Early last month, there was a glimmer of hope as Rep. Joe Heck (R-Henderson) and a few other House Republicans were warming up to reform. Yet later that month, Rep. Heck declined to promise any real action. And right around the same time, the 21st Century Know Nothings were climaxing in their campaign to kill reform.

And this is the real reason why House Republicans are afraid to act on CIR. Simply put, they fear their own 21st Century Know Nothing base. Yet in their quest to pander to their extreme base, they fail to realize they're jeopardizing their own party’s long term political future. The more they double down on their "Great White Hope", the more they lose touch with reality .

This only makes Republicans' "minority outreach plan" look that much more stupid. Jeez, everyone (living in actual reality) is already spilling the tea and trying to make Republican "leaders" realize the mess they're in. But before they can escape from the mess, they will have to finally drop the "TEA".

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