Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Past Fights v. Current Needs

Not that long ago, things seemed settled. Even a certain US Senator said it. He admitted the law was... The law.

“It’s the law of the land [...] I always said that this presidential election was going to determine whether the Affordable Care Act was going to move forward or not.

“It’s not going to be repealed. It’s not going to be substantially changed [...] President Obama got re-elected. Let’s move on.”

Believe it or not, that was Senator Dean Heller (R) speaking to the Las Vegas Sun last December. Back then, Senator Heller readily admitted the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare, or ACA) was settled law. But now, he's part of the G-O-TEA contingent preparing to blow up the world economy if the ACA isn't destroyed just as it's being implemented.

And not only that, but the Congressional G-O-TEA Gang are demanding even more economically harmful austerity. In fact, the austerity they're now demanding is so extreme that even Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-Romney Shambles) previous budget plans! And considering how much harm the current austerity regime has caused, the G-O-TEA demands for even more austerity are almost inexplicable.

Well, almost. But because House Republicans care more about internal politics than actual governance, we're stuck in this perpetual cycle of farcical drama. The only way left for us to escape is for Congressional Republican "leaders" to agree to a bipartisan budget deal with Democrats.

So when will they start living in reality? The Presidential Election was last year. The need for the economy to heal is now. It's long past time for Republicans to stop re-litigating past policy fights and start taking care of business now.

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