Thursday, May 23, 2013

SJR 15 PASSES #NVLeg, Goes to Voters Next Year

As we mentioned earlier, today is a huge day in the Nevada Legislature. Another of the bills receiving a final verdict in the Assembly is SJR 15, the bill to take the mining industry's corporate welfare sweetheart tax deal out of the Nevada Constitution.

There was some debate on the floor. And Assembly Member Pete Livermore (R-Carson City) offered this insightful quote.

Root Beer speech ! #NVLEG #SJR15 No more ROOT BEER if you kill off mining !!!! #RootBeer #Fries

Oh, yes. That's right. Assembly Member Livermore actually compared multinational mining corporations to his A&W franchise!

The bill passed 26-15. Again, Peggy Pierce (D-Las Vegas) was absent. Otherwise, all the Democrats present voted in favor while all the Republicans voted against.

And now that it's finally passed the Legislature in two consecutive session (it also passed both chambers in 2011), this finally heads to We (Us) the People.

Voters will now weigh in on NV's constitutional mining tax cap next year RT @RGJRayHagar: SJR15 passes Assembly, 26-15. #NVLeg

So this moves to the 2014 general election ballot for final approval. It may not be all that easy...

As reported by @RalstonReports, mining tried to bribe #NVLeg $50mil to kill SJR15. They'll spend at least as much to defeat it in Nov '14.

But now, we can finally look forward to our Carpe Diem moment with this and The Education Initiative on our ballot in November 2014. And even though she may no longer be serving in Carson City, Sheila Leslie's legacy just became even more awe-inspiring today.

Let's toss a little love to @sleslienv who was big on #SJR15 !!! #NVLEG

And on we go...

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