Monday, February 25, 2013

So What's the Excuse Now?

Remember when we discussed the possible end of "deja vu politics as usual" in Carson City? Well, that day may truly be arriving soon. The new RAN/POS poll offers some surprising hope for future tax reform.

Despite opposition among business groups and in the Legislature, the public widely supports the margins tax, according to a new poll by the Retailers Association of Nevada.

The survey, by well-known national pollster Glen Bolger, was conducted February 16-18, 2013, among 500 likely voters, with 125 cell phone interviews, and has a margin of error of +4.38%.

Among the findings, which crossed a wide spectrum of issues (and you can see details in the attachment here):

Margins tax: 58-39, support (but people are divided about the salutary impact vs. loss of jobs--see details in attachment)

Now keep in mind that POS is a Republican affiliated pollster. And it's been doing this poll for a conservative business lobbying outfit. That makes these numbers even more eye popping. Glen Bolger actually tested the opposition's messaging. And despite that, The Education Initiative still leads 58-39!

This just goes to show how out of touch legislators may be with their own constituents. Instead of pursuing regressive, "revenue-neutral" nonsense, why not look at something that the public supports and the state needs? As we discussed yesterday, Nevada needs a more diversified economy. Yet that won't ever happen if we don't have sufficient public infrastructure. Something must change.

The Education Initiative offers that change by asking the largest corporations doing business here to pay something closer to their fair share. That, in turn, will provide at least $800,000,000 more for K-12 schools. And that, in turn, will provide a critical investment in building a more stable and sustainable economy here.

So what are legislators waiting for? At least if they won't pass it, "We the People" will have our own opportunity to do so next year.

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