Thursday, May 23, 2013

SJR 13 PASSES #NVLeg for This Session

Today is another huge day at the Nevada Legislature. Several key bills are about to receive a final verdict as the Assembly takes up several bills for final passage. One is SJR 13, the resolution calling to amend the Nevada Constitution to enact civil marriage equality.

The bill received just a few minutes of debate. Assembly Member Elliot Anderson (D-Paradise) began by explaining how many policies are addressed in the Nevada Constitution... And slaying the excuse given by Senator Michael Roberson (R-Henderson) in opposing it.

Wow @ElliotAndersonv is nailing counterarguments on #SJR13. Talks constitutional law, notes sponsors represent 1 million Nevadans #nvleg

And that's not all.

.@ElliotAndersonv speaking on #gaymarriage ban repeal "The will of the voters is changing as it has with me." #nvleg #SJR13

@ElliotAndersonv "This isn't about rights, this is about love." #SJR13 #NVLeg

Assembly Member Michele Fiore (R-Las Vegas) also had something to say on SJR 13 on the Assembly floor today.

.@AaronDFordNV @Jones4Nevada watching Assembly debate on #samesexmarriage ban repeal. @VoteFiore "Mom this vote is for you." #SJR13 #nvleg

We also heard some incredibly personal and heartbreaking stories on the Assembly floor today. Assembly Member Andrew Martin spoke of his own experience with marriage discrimination.

Asm. @andrewmartin, been w/partner for 27 years, but doesn't have same rights as everyone else. #SJR13 Everyone should have same rights.

So did Assembly Member James Healey (D-Enterprise).

Oh, sob. Asm. @james4assembly showing picture of deceased partner and talking about their dreams of marriage and family. #SJR13

The final vote was 27-14. All Democrats (save Peggy Pierce [D-Las Vegas], who had an excused absence) voted in favor, along with Republican Michele Fiore. All other Republicans voted against. SJR 13 has now passed this session, and it will be returning to Carson City for Round 2 in 2015. And Nevada has moved another step closer to marriage equality.

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