Thursday, May 2, 2013

Remember the DREAM.

Yesterday, we saw something amazing. We saw thousands of people filling Downtown Las Vegas and demanding comprehensive immigration reform (CIR). Even while some Republicans in Congress are trying to kill the bipartisan Gang of 8 CIR bill, protesters in Las Vegas and elsewhere were cautioning Congress against watering down the key principles of CIR.

There were probably somewhere around 5,000 demonstrators in Downtown Las Vegas last night. Don't believe me? Look at the crowd.

Owly Images

Owly Images

And then, listen to Ricardo. He's served in the military. He's been doing well in Congress. Yet for so long, nine numbers have been holding him back. And now, one sheet of paper continues to hold him back.

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Blanca from DREAM Big Vegas also made the stage. She was a star student at UNLV. She led a sorority, and her "sisters" loved her. She wants to accomplish so much, but those same nine numbers have been holding her back. And she's been in America since she was an infant.

Senator Harry Reid (D-Si Se Puede) spoke up for Blanca, Ricardo, and all other DREAMers last night when he addressed the crowd. We're a nation of immigrants. Immigrants made this nation what it is today. And the time is now to give these people a chance, just like our ancestors were given a chance.

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While Senator Reid was speaking, a tiny handful of "tea party" hecklers were trying to interrupt him. As you can see above, he figured out a way to handle them. Now, we all await Senator Dean Heller's (R-46%) response. Will he side with the rage and xenophobia fueled few? Or will he actually step across that aisle and give people like Blanca & Ricardo a chance to fulfill their dreams?

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