Thursday, May 9, 2013

A New, Fabulous Beginning

Today has been quite the day. Right on the heels of the Minnesota House of Representatives passing marriage equality legislation, the Nevada Assembly took on SJR 13. And already, its committee hearing rivals the Senate committee meeting in its historic value.

And yet again tonight, I'm thinking of wise words from my favorite philosopher.

Original SJR 13 Assembly sponsor Elliot Anderson (D-Paradise) kicked it off with a real zinger.

PLANevada: "More important than rights, is love" -- Assm Anderson #SJR13 #nvleg

Out Assembly Member James Healey (D-Enterprise) was also on hand to give an impressive encore

MackWarrenTV: @james4assembly"We have a right to change our minds-that's the beauty of this country" Healy's pushing for repeal of gay marriage ban #SJR13

Yet so far, the biggest surprise tonight has been... Another out of the closet moment. And yes, this one was another big surprise. Here's the bomb Assembly Member Michelle Fiore (R-Las Vegas) dropped on the Assembly Legislative Operations & Elections Committee yesterday.

MackWarrenTV: @VoteFiore "My mom is gay." Fiore wants to give her mother the gift of marriage in return for her upbringing. #SJR13 #nvleg

Was any one expecting this? It wasn't even until last night when I heard someone suggest Assembly Member Fiore was a "potential swing vote" on SJR 13. It turns out that she's not a swing vote... She's already planning to vote for marriage equality. And she wants to give her mom something special in time for Mother's Day.

And then, there was this. When was the last time labor and management showed this much solidarity?

bobfulkerson: Great to see @ydc226, MGM Resorts, and Caesars Entertainment speaking out in favor of Marriage Equality. @SEIU1107 also in support! #NVLeg

I can't help but think of what Bob Coffin said at Stonewall last night. We've reached the tipping point. Conservatives, business minded folks, labor activists, immigrant rights activists, faith leaders, progressive leaders, queer families, straight allies, and many more all recognize it. This is the beginning... Of something absolutely fabulous.

Oh, and speaking of absolutely fabulous.

PPSouthernNV: RT @PLANevada: Shout out to @DREAMBigVegas for being here w/their parents to support #SJR13 #TimeIsNow #nvleg

Indeed, this is the beginning.

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