Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Yesterday, the air conditioning system broke down at Rundle Elementary School in Las Vegas. And already, Clark County School District (CCSD) officials warn that this won't be the last time we hear about busted A/C systems in local schools. So watch out this summer!

And remember this next time Governor Brian Sandoval (R-Hocus Pocus) claims all is well with Nevada schools. Yesterday, he boasted, "Better Schools, No New Taxes". But in reality, schools are still grossly underfunded. They'll just be slightly less grossly underfunded because Governor Sandoval has agreed to extend the politically convenient (yet ridiculous policy of) Sunset Taxes.

So now, we have this.

Sen. Debbie Smith, D-Sparks, said that much of the governor’s new education spending reflects the costs of educating more children than in previous years.

“That’s not new programs or (replacing) programs we’ve cut,” she said. “It’s the cost of doing business and enrollment growth.”

The $120 million spending for new programs pales in comparison to what Sandoval and former Gov. Jim Gibbons slashed from state education budgets during the recession. Smith pegged that number at $700 million.

Yet again, Governor Sandoval has resorted to fiscal chicanery to dress up his budget. Who needs to actually properly fund our public infrastructure when one can just spin away the woes and attack one's political foes at the same time? Problem solved... Except that it's truly not.

Yet while Governor Sandoval and legislators bicker over political optics in Carson City, students in Las Vegas are missing school days because of the busted A/C system. Keep this in mind. And that's not the only busted thing here.

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