Monday, May 13, 2013

Magic Man?

He finally spoke today. He unleashed his plan to make all our woes go way. Apparently, he is "The Magic Man".

@BrianSandoval The magic man!! Who knew all this $$ existed & no one need fell a bit of taxation!!! #PerfectWorld #NVLEG

Wow! Governor Brian Sandoval (R-Sunrise, Sunset) magically found all that... Oh wait, how did he "magically" find this money? Senator Debbie Smith (D-Sparks) tweeted out Mr. Governor's dirty little secret earlier.

@BuzzIzarownd Not "found" $$. Same $$ we're all working with. And same priorities for #nved that we've talked about since January. #nvleg

So what's happening? Governor Sandoval is essentially factoring the new Economic Forum projections into his budget and allocating the surplus funds the Forum expects. That's all.

Still, this does mean more funding for public education. Yes, it does. However, it still comes nowhere close to solving the problem. Our schools are still grossly underfunded, even with the additional funding from the new Economic Forum projection making our situation slightly less gross.

After all, the state still nears a nasty law suit. Schools up north and down south still fall apart. And our state's economy still suffers due to inadequate public infrastructure and social safety net.

Yet, "The Magic Man" magically found a way to (at least temporarily) sweep this politically inconvenient truth under the rug with some pocket change provided to him by the Nevada Economic Forum. Why are we supposed to settle for this?

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