Thursday, March 28, 2013

Why These Families Demand Action

Today, local parents are speaking out. These moms and local volunteers with the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Demand Action campaign just explained why they're speaking up on gun safety in Las Vegas today.

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The action has begun at the PLAN Las Vegas office. Local moms like Jessica Nelsen and Linda Cavazos explained their stories on gun violence.

So did Esther Sass. She lost her brother to gun violence. And since then, she's done her research on gun violence.

Yes, this is reality. People are dying because we haven't fixed our gun laws. We've asked this before, and we must ask this again today. How many more people must die before we finally take action?

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This is why people in Nevada and throughout the nation demand action.

Just minutes ago, the Nevada Assembly finally voted to expel Steven Brooks. And remember, he came very close to buying a gun despite his recent record.

So now, it's Congress' turn to take action. Something must change. It's time for Senators Harry Reid and Dean Heller to act.

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