Tuesday, March 26, 2013

#NVLeg #SJR15 Liveblog

Wait, there are more fireworks in #NVLeg today? Oh yes, there are! We've been talking for some time about mining tax reform. Now, the day has finally come. SJR 15 returns to the Senate Revenue & Economic Development Committee today.

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Stay tuned as we await SJR 15 testimony.

2:05 PM:

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Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson (R-Henderson) just grilled Nevada Mining Association President Tim Crowley. He asked for the official position of the Nevada Mining Association on SJR 15. He asked if they will sue the state if SJR 15 passes. And he asked about the current mining tax structure. Crowley couldn't provide a clear answer to any of Roberson's questions.

A Fennemore Craig Jones Vargas attorney is now speaking for the Nevada Mining Association in addition to Tim Crowley. So far, it looks like legislators are actually showing some skepticism to the mining industry's spin (for a change).

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