Tuesday, March 26, 2013

#NVLeg #SJR13 Liveblog

And the fun begins...

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8:00 AM: The hearing is starting. And the Senate Legislative Operations & Elections Committee is starting with SJR 12, the bill to posthumously pardon boxing legend Jack Johnson. Just hold tight. SJR 13 will come up soon.

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8:32 PM: SJR 12 just passed the committee unanimously. The committee is now hearing SB 246, a bill by Senator Justin Jones (D-Enterprise). SB 246 calls on corporate funded, labor funded, and other PACs to register with the Secretary of State and report campaign activities. We'll also have more on this and other campaign finance reform bills later this week.

Of course, Justin Jones knows from personal experience the problems with the current system. We'll have to see what other legislators think of this.

9:00 AM: Senator Tick Segerblom (D-Las Vegas) just introduced SJR 13.... & Senator Ben Kieckhefer (R-Reno) is speaking in favor! So now, marriage equality is getting bipartisan support in the Legislature. Senator David Parks (D-Paradise) and Assembly Member Eliot Anderson (D-Paradise) will also soon speak in favor.

9:40 AM: Sorry for the break. I'll have video up shortly from Ben Kieckhefer and Assembly Member James Healey (D-Enterprise). Both have very powerful testimony.

Citizen testimony is now underway, and we'll also have more on these later.

10:00 AM: We've already had some powerful citizen testimony. Beverly Sevcik, the lead plaintiff in the federal law suit demanding marriage equality in Nevada, came with her wife to explain their relationship and why they deserve equal treatment under the law. There are even more families testifying from Grant Sawyer in Las Vegas. Even two very brave ministers from Washoe County came to testify in favor of equality. Oh, and famed minister & brothel lobbyist George Flint did as well.

I'll post videos from the hearing soon.

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