Thursday, March 28, 2013

Why Demand Action? So They Won't Forget.

Today has been a major day on gun violence. We've seen protests throughout the country demanding action from Congress. So did President Obama. And so did some of the nation's top Democratic campaign donors.

Meanwhile here in Nevada, we've been seeing an entire day of action in Las Vegas... Which has turned out to be the same day when the Nevada Legislature finally expelled troubled Assembly Member Steven Brooks in Carson City.

We'll talk about the Brooks affair in more detail this weekend. For now, let's focus on what happened down here.

Owly Images

Yes, this was the scene outside the Lloyd George Federal Building (where Senators Reid & Heller have Las Vegas offices) today. And ProgressNow Nevada's Brian Fadie helped put it all into perspective.

Owly Images

And so did ProgressNow's Teresa Crawford.

Lloyd George was also the site of the infamous 2010 Courthouse Shooting, so the site of today's event was also quite poignant. A security officer on duty was shot dead there. I had to keep that in mind as I noticed the security officers making the rounds today.

It's been just over three months since the Newtown massacre. And it's barely been over a month since the Las Vegas Strip shooting. And there have been even more victims since then. Can we really afford to forget this?

And should Congress be allowed to forget this?

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