Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Why Should We Care About #NVLeg?

In case you haven't yet noticed, the 77th session of the Nevada Legislature has been quite historic (sometimes for great reasons, other times not so much). I suspect this will continue, especially since we're only one month in and so much has already occurred. That's why we should keep an eye on Carson City this spring.

And that's exactly what I want us to do. I'll be traveling to Carson City myself later this month to experience #NVLeg in person (again). However, I know we can't all make it there all the time. That's why it's critical that someone tells the real story of what's happening there and why it matters.

I want to do my part to share these stories, so expect more here as spring comes into bloom along with Carson City. Just search "legislature", "77th session", and/or "NVLeg in Depth" in the upper left search box.

As hinted at above, there's just so much pivotal legislation this session. School funding, progressive tax reform, health care, gun safety, workers' & consumers' rights, immigrant rights, climate change & renewable energy, hate crimes, marriage equality, and even more are at stake this spring. Now, more than ever before, we should care about what's happening in our Legislature.

I'll be returning to Grant Sawyer today to catch the big action on The Education Initiative. Expect more coverage of this going forward, as well as of all the other topics mentioned above. These are just too big to miss.

Really, Nevada's future is too big to miss. And it's too bright for us to allow to slip away. There's just so much at stake this spring. That's why we should care about what happens in our Legislature.

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