Friday, March 1, 2013

Pulling the Mask

Over the past month, we've been keeping tabs on SJR 15... And the mining industry's campaign to kill it once & for all. Yesterday, that campaign hit a new low when the mining industry decided to go beyond its usual backroom wheeling-dealing. So what caused Jim Rogers to say this on KSNV/News 3 last night?

Apparently, the Nevada Mining Association doesn't like KSNV's series on SJR 15 & the mining industry's campaign to kill it. This has been groundbreaking as reporter Reed Cowan has essentially blown the whistle on Carson City's cesspool of corruption on a major TV newscast in the largest media market in the state. Just take a look at Part 4 of this series. This finally hit TV airwaves.

And it has the mining industry running scared. Mining companies prefer that we not see their bribing requests of lawmakers to do their bidding in Carson City. And they certainly don't want us to notice just how little they pay in taxes.

So the mining industry retaliated. The Nevada Mining Association pulled ads from KSNV. Mining lobbyists must have been hoping the hit to Jim Rogers' station's bottom line would make him cry uncle.

But instead, Rogers took his case to viewers. And finally, finally after so many years of hiding behind pretty faces in glossy ads, that mask has been pulled from the Nevada Mining Association. And more Nevadans are finally seeing the true ugly reality of mining in this state.

For far too long, the mining industry has discreetly courted legislators in Carson City, far away from the view of over 70% of the state's population. And mining companies prefer it stay that way. After all, despite their glitzy media campaign, voters want change. They fear what lies ahead if/when more of the truth on mining is exposed AND Nevada voters finally have a chance to decide mining taxation for ourselves.

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