Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday's #NVLeg Pre-game Show

Last night, the Nevada Progressive crew finally made it to Carson City just after 8:00 PM. It was an interesting ride up, but I'm glad we finally made it to our state's capital. So now, the real fun begins!

As I hinted at earlier, today will be a super busy day at the Nevada Legislature. We'll be starting today's ongoing #NVLeg coverage with a SJR 13 (marriage equality) liveblog. Later today, SJR 15 (mining tax reform) will get its own committee hearing.

And then tonight, we have another round of Steven Brooks drama. But this time, we may finally be approaching the beginning of the end of this at #NVLeg.

So today will be very action packed. Stay tuned here and follow me on Twitter for updates throughout today and tomorrow. Who knows? You may even find the occasional surprise here.

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