Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Republicans & "Class Warfare"

Mitt Romney is trying hard to brush off criticism of his "private sector experience". He's trying (again) to blame everything on President Obama and his Republican rivals, but can he afford to ignore what the actual voters are saying?

And can he ignore "tea party" Congressional "rock stars" (and key opinion makers) in upcoming early primary states?

So does REPUBLICAN Jon Huntsman really sound all that crazy, after all?

Nevada Republicans may now be worrying about how this affects the general election campaign, but they really can't blame some "big, bad Democrat bogeyman!!!" Sorry, folks, but neither President Obama nor Harry Reid told them how to run their party (into the ground), and neither one of them is forking over the big bucks to air these attack ads.

Actually, it's none other than Nevada Republican darling Sheldon Adelson! And really, does it sound all that different from this mini-documentary that MoveOn recently released?

So perhaps the issue here isn't who's attacking Mitt Romney. Perhaps the real issue here is what Mitt Romney did at Bain Capital.

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